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Heigh ho, everyone back at work - except my bin men!  i gave them a days grace yesterday, inspite of it being my actual day for collection, thinking 'tomorrow'.  Wrong...'tomorrow' now gone and the whole row and maybe the rest of the Terrace looks to be waiting, if the bins still out are anything to go by.  Hope this isn't going to be a regular thing. They missed my last blue/green collection; my blue one was just about to overflow! Black one this week.  It just gripes my cookies, if you will forgive the horrible mixed metaphore!
On the plus side, i finally remembered to take my long grey woolen coat in for dry cleaning [before i put it away for the summer] - £9.99!! Bloody hell, absolutely nothing is cheap or even reasonable anymore, and if you do get a good deal on something, you can bet your bottom dollar, it won't be made to last. Oh Britain, what happened to you?
i went mad and bought an old Union flag, simply because it was beautiful.  i like antiques and old things. So much more character and comfortable some how.  No, it wasn't a bargain and i think i will attach a backing material; maybe calico? It will help stabalise and strengthen the piece, i'm thinking.  It can't stay there of course, it is covering the TV.  i took a couple of shots for Drew Pritchard's as apparently it is going to be featured in one of their future shows.  i shall look forward to that.  The DP show is on Quest if you get it - or pick it up on computer when it has shown.  They may not use it but i can hope. :D  i'll let you know if i get any advance warning.

Not a lot more to report, except some of my little birds have come back.  i restrained myself from cheering outloud when i saw the robin!  So wonderful to see it again.  i was afraid they'd all died out or something horrible. It's mostly blackbirds and a young crow, and the inevitable doves and pigeons [i hates 'em].  Magpies are about but they never really went away.  i've left all the dandelions and whatever else is flowering for the bees, but will need to try and catch them before they go to seed, or i really will have them everywhere!  My little forget-me-nots have partially survived out back and some have reached the front garden this year. i must take a photo of the big flowering cherry. It's going great guns and i may have a good showing on the ceanothys [sp?] as it has survived the butchering by the gardener last year.  Thank heavens!
That's it for now. Take care and enjoy the spring!


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Apr. 20th, 2017 08:41 am (UTC)
It's always confusing when the bin men are coming after a bank holiday. Fortunately our council has a schedule on their website which is really helpful. You can also post a reminder if they miss you!
Apr. 22nd, 2017 10:35 pm (UTC)
Yes, we have schedules too, which work just fine - until they don't... and in this case it didn't. i don't usually worry about it and allow them a day or two's grace, but this was a straight omission. i don't bother with leaving messages on the website and contact the Bin collection section directly. It has a much better result. They came and emptied the bin yesterday, thank heavens. :)
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