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Wednesday, 10th May 2017

Bright sunny day today. A bit of a mixed bag this week with lots of grey and subsequent clouds. Couple of nights ago you could hear all the brass monkey balls hitting the ground!  It was damned cold - what is weird is that it can often be really cold around sunset and just after, then almost warm in comparison later in the evening. Don't understand that one; it should be the other way around to my way of thinking.
i'm still having this running almost-battle with the bin collection dept of the City Council.  So many weeks now the bins have not been collected on time or even in the same week, and there's always an excuse of the 'Easter/holidays' variety and trying to say if we had check the website, they had 'told us' the days would be late.  Well, DUH! they're always a day late on long weekends, even if your regular day was not a Monday.  i got really tired of ringing the dept to let them know and after a few minutes of self-justification, the service officer always winds up saying, yes, it is late and yes, it should have been done by now.  They say they're putting in a reminder collection notice - not that that seems to make much difference - but the same thing happens the following week.  My blue/green bins were not done [or anyone else in the Mews as i checked] last collection day.  This week should be the next 'normal' collection, making it the third week of non-collection.  Ringing got so bad that having called again [as i was told to do if the bins weren't collected by a certain day], i got a recorded message!  And to do an online reminder.  Which i did, to little real response.  The 3-day special collection reminder simply became the next 'normal' collection day - yesterday.  Guess what? No prizes for the correct answer; you guessed it, bins not emptied yesterday.  My blue bin is now full to the brim and i can't get anything more in.  The green bin now has weeds/plant waste starting to rot and it's just as well i double bag the kitchen waste as all the bags would be falling apart by now.
If the bins aren't done by Thursday morning, i shall be phoning Mr Pearson [the boss] and make an official complaint.
*snorts* In other news... My gum is taking FOREVER to heal - remains of broken teeth removed.  For one tooth, it has healed beautifully, but the second one, there was a small infection that healed and i thought, good-oh, soon done.  Oh no...all of a sudden, a swelling developed that is all blood, no pus - sorry for the gory details! Couple of weeks in, still there.  Went to regular dentist, and having looked at it, pronounced it part of the healing process and gave me a prescription mouthwash and said see you in JUNE.  i've finished it now and nothing has changed.  i resent this offhand and cavalier manner of waiting for it to heal when it's ready.  It isn't his mouth, so he's not worried.  BUT i have no front teeth and cannot chew properly, thus limiting food that needs to be chewed, like a steak or chop.  i have to cut things into tiny pieces - oh, you know, this is all so boring for anyone who isn't me!  Apologies, i just needed to vent, as having to wait MONTHS for resolution is starting to wear on my nerves.  i can't go back to the dental surgeon who did the procedure until my dentist recommends me, but i'm sure i will need to. All this waiting around can't be normal and in the meantime, i have a swollen grape on my gum...  *grinds remaining teeth*
i'm trying to stay cheerful and will share with you these lovely, bizzare and unusual door knockers.  Take care xx


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May. 11th, 2017 01:11 pm (UTC)
I love the leaf door knocker.

Good luck with your teeth - so frustrating!
May. 13th, 2017 10:57 pm (UTC)
The leaf one is lovely, but the rest make me shudder somewhat. Hope your health troubles ease off, the D makes it harder to heal of course.

I would freak out if they messed up our bin routine, I'm quite ocd with the bins. :)
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