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Saturday, 13th May 2017

i don't often post on a Saturday, but having just read my f-list, it has spurred me on to do so.
i keep trying to remember what i had intend to post on Facebook.  i will have to get up and do it, if i remember!  It's irritating though.
It's been a pretty quiet week and i complained again about the missed rubbish collections. Lo and behold, Friday it was done. Only four days late this week and three weeks on the last due!  Let's hope they get back to their normal slack selves soon.
i spent yesterday afternoon clearing up the bits i had to do - clearing up things left lying around in the flat and take my depleted insulin pens to the chemist and the full Sharps box to the doctors, things like that. i had called into the Coop the night before on my way home from having a nice dinner with Anna at Nandos [at the Leisure Centre] and got a few bits i needed.  This morning i had scrambled eggs on crumpets, so needed more eggs!  i've been up to the Grafton Centre this afternoon and got some on the way home.  Grafton Centre is in the middle of a big re-organising and re-modelling stint and is a little convoluted to get round just now.  i popped in to check it over and they have some way to go yet. i was going to get a Burger King hamburger if they were back but they're not.  i wound up buying sausage rolls at Gregs - i wanted a chicken bake too but after rather too long a wait 'it'll be five minutes', i opted for another roll and he gave me two more!
Such excitement... *pulls sarcastic face*
i did get round to complaining to the City Council about damp marks on the bathroom & kitchen ceilings; been meaning to for ages.  And the little expelair in the kitchen promptly made funny noises and died!  So got onto them again and they're coming round on the 19th for that.  i had a call from them saying they'd managed to contact the upstairs owner [not a council flat like mine] and a couple of days later, said owner came round to have a look at it.  Nice girl, she took a couple of photos of the ceilings, said thanks a lot and departed.  i've heard some bangs and bumps but haven't heard anything more yet.
i've invested in new batteries for my big mobility scooter as the charge didn't seem to be lasting very long and i wasn't game to wait any longer given i'm going to the Folk Festival again this year.  Have i told you all this already?  Forgive me if i have - chalk it up to old age!  My Colt takes two batteries and at just over £88 EACH, it's just as well the DLA will cover it.  i think i'm okay on Little Nelly for a bit, as i don't use it as much and haven't had it as long as Big Bertha, but i may replace it a little later in the year.
Right, must get on. Have a good weekend. Oh, the gorgeous little orange creatures are fruit flies apparently.. so cute.

i adored these Welsh Tapestry cushions so much, i went mad and bought them!