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Friday, 2nd June 2017

Good morning!  It's been a scorcher of a week, all sunshine and quite high temperatures.  The garden loves it, of course, but i suspect more rain would be appreciated.  It has rained a few nights but nothing susbstantial; having said that, it will probably pour soon! Or not, as i really do love the rain! My rose bushes are covered in buds and about to bust loose. The one in the front garden [tied up as rose was so heavy] is intertwined with a lovely little native orchid [don't ask its name, i have no idea]. i leave my wild bits for the bees. See pics - front garden first, then the back with the larger bush next to ceanothis [sp?] and then the orchid under the bird feeders. The front orchid is a lot paler than the back but i think it is the same type. On the back rose, there are about 8 buds on that one stem alone.Only one poppy survived this year.

Aren't they lovely?
i went to see the latest 'Wonder Woman' incarnation last night.  Not bad, WW was totally unknown to me Gal Godat, odd name.  Nice looking but not Lynda Carter beautiful. Some amusing comedic bits with Chris Pine - lucky he has large hands! Unusual villians, unusual companion good guys, lots of big bangs, loud noise and fire [which will keep the boys happy] and a curious rather downbeat ending to finish with; not exactly the sort of 'happy ending' you might expect. Still, some lovely, lean & mean Amazons - hello Robyn Wright.
i'm off to see Edward Fox in 'Sand in the Sandwiches' matinee next Thursday, should be good. And it's the MK Homemade & Antique Fair on Saturday.  i discovered the X5 bus has removed the Aged P's time limit on weekends, so i can go a bit earlier and not wait for 9.30am as before. Different lot running the Fair, so will have to see what is different. Hopefully nothing and no price hike for the stall holders.
Then i have a break until the end of July when the Folk Festival happens.  i've been disappointed in the lack of A-liners, if you know what i mean, as have quite a few others i gather from the comments.  i'm seriously considering just buying just a day or two next year.  Don't get me wrong, i'm sure there will be some great performers, even if i have never heard of them.  i can't count the Bugg boy as from what i've heard, he's rather inspid and tuneless.  There's a lot of these boys about unfortunately - i mean what is the hoo-ha about Ed Sheerin [sp?]; it's totally forgetable stuff that could have been knocked up the night before and just as easily forgotten, like the Timberlake boy.  No looks between them either... i could understand it if they looked like Elvis or some of the rock & roll boys who had personality, if you know what i'm driving at.  Oh well, that's an old rock chick's opinion, i guess.  One of the Tesco delivery lads loved my Led Zep playing when he came round this week! *big grin*

And an appropriate Matilda Browne to finish with. Okay, must get on and do some paperwork.  Have a great weekend, won't you?


Jun. 2nd, 2017 04:02 pm (UTC)
We've just had hailstones, thunder and lightening and now we have torrential rain! English summer .....