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Sunday, 11th June 2017

Lovely sunny day, following on from yesterday afternoon.  Which i spent at the MK Homemade & Vintage Fair.  The bus company has changed it's rules somewhat and OAPs can catch the X5 any time on Weekends & Holidays.  Saves time as i had to wait until 9.30am previously. So i made a time-sacrifice and caught the 8.10am. Arriving two hours earlier really made a big difference, not only in more time at the Fair should i want to but getting a better access to all the goodies! Always go as early as you can because the dealers have first pick if they can.
i got an adorable little china plate/dish of a badger, all of a fraction over 4.5" across and a tiny jug 'Springtime' by Wilkinson, 2.25" high for £5. A purse of seaside huts, 6.5" across the bottom seam, 5" deep & 5" across the zip - it had a nasty tan loop to hang round your wrist, but a quick snip sorted that! i bought a mock-turquoise silver bracelet, very pretty and an antique brooch like a golden flower (£3). Lovely things that won't break the bank.  The little bamboo boxes were a gift from a friend, a toucan on one and blue flowers on the other.  Sweet.
(pictures to come, lunch calls)