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Wednesday, 28th June 2017

There's something about Wednesday, 'hump' day maybe.  i used to feel life was better when i was working, less time to go before the weekend and i could relax.  i SO do not miss working! i hated having to work and so rarely worked for companies i liked. BUT when money is the deciding factor, you take what you can to keep a roof over your head.  When i think of all the years i worked to live, i could get depressed quickly, so i rarely look back.  What keeps you going are the people you like. At work if you are lucky but usually personal friends and the times and things you had together.  i really hope my friends enjoy the work part of their lives as much as they can.  Families can also help, if you like them!  Sorry to be so reflective/gloomy!  It's the grey skies i think; which i don't mind if it's raining. Which it did yesterday.
i went down to Cheffins' open viewing day, for Thursdays auction and was suitably attired in winter mac and large umbrella, as it rained pretty much all day.  It poured down on my way there (on my scooter) and i enjoyed the sight and sound of rain after all the dry sunny days we've had this summer.  i'm not crazy about heat, as you've probably noticed over the years!  This wet and windy spell has been a welcome relief and i can positively hear the ground sucking up the water.  While i was there, there were some really heavy downpours and some of the loudest thunder i've heard for ages; long loud rolls of it!  It was still raining stair rods when i left but lessened somewhat as the afternoon wore on.

It's a smaller auction this month, size-wise just over 500 items; less furniture, with the usual overspill of pictures into the cafe, though not as many as usual.  Lots of jewellery and silver, that doesn't seem to change much and one or two of the same dealers buy most of it every month. The silver for the actual metal i think. as it's a price at the moment but who knows, maybe they sell it onto shops?  It's the same for the gold dealers. A group of them frequently gather and buy most of it between themselves; private individuals don't seem to compete, unless it's something they really want and can pay a pretty penny for it.  i do see quite a few of the same faces at every auction i attend, though i don't go to every one.
i will go to this one as there are some nice things, but i'm restricted to the less expensive items - i can't pay out hundreds as some do.  There's a couple of small bits and a minor Lot of linens and some small rugs/mats that could be useful.  i'd much rather pay for an old rug than a new one, it has to be said, and the same for furniture and chairs.  New is pretty souless somehow.  Anyway, i like old things.  Oh, i forgot, there a little Chinese 5-drawer chest (about 34.5cm wide) on offer, no estimate.  i guess such things are hard to value, but usually no estimate means, either they have no idea what to charge, or it's priced to clear.  You can normally buy such items fairly cheaply, unless there's another interested buyer.  It could be a long day as most of what i'm interested in is the last part of the auction - if i last till then!
Good news on the tooth front; dentist's appointment on Friday.  It'll be a mould-taking day, if he's satisfied with the state of my gums, and hopefully not too long before the new bridge can be ready.  It will be odd having teeth again - i'll most likely feel i've got a shoe stuffed in!  Just have to hope i get used to it quickly.  It will be nice to be able to smile properly again - and chew!
Do you find your life moves in fits and starts?  i can have a week with no appointments or meetings at all - such luxury!  Then i can have a week when the world and his wife wants to meet on a Thursday!  Curiously, i rarely get bored in the quiet weeks, always lots to do here at home.  i'm in the middle of a paper clear out just now.  i pulled out all the storage cartons and went through it all - sorting into piles to keep and throwing the rest into black rubbish bags. There were a few of those, i can tell you!  It's so helpful now that you only need to store 3-years of receipts, statements and old bills now - remember how it used to be 10?  i got used to carting boxes of stuff around with me when i moved.  Much lighter now.  i am limiting the amount of unused paper/envelopes/labels etc too - i don't do so much writing now and i don't need to buy more cupboards or drawers!  It can be like trying to stuff a large foot into a small shoe sometimes, so i need to keep on top of it. AND i need to go over my DVDs and have a cull, which will be almost as painful as going over my books (which i also need to have a go at) and only keep what i really can't bear to throw away... *sighs*
i must away and have a quick lunch bite and wash my hair - so away to the Batcave!
Two pieces of Sophie Standing's exquisite work to start - are you old enough to remember the relocation of Abu Simbel?


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Jun. 28th, 2017 05:28 pm (UTC)
That horse sculpture is amazing as is the face with the lake. Wow.

Didn't it rain yesterday! Unfortunately the ground in our garden seems to have sucked it all up and looks a bit dry again :(
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