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Sunday, 2nd July 2017

i liked the tenor of this meme

1) What's the weather like where you are today? It's a return to some sunny weather with light cloud and gusty wind, after some dull days with one day with some decent rain!
2) How does this type of weather make you feel? It's nice when you want to take a spin outside and i did briefly consider going to the Fitz, but remembered in time that it's Sunday!  Don't like crowds or screaming kids (or otherwise!). Maybe later in the week
3) What's your favourite time of year (thinking about the weather)?  i guess that would be Autumn. Still some sun around but getting cooler and preparing for Winter; though i do like Winter
4) Is there any weather that just makes you want to hide away indoors? i'm happy to hide indoors when it's cold & raining, settle in with a book or watch movies on TV
5) If you were moving somewhere purely for the climate, where would it be - what's your perfect year-round weather scenario. Wouldn't mind going back to Sydney, Australia.  It can get pretty hot in the summer but it does get a good share of rain, and there are many side benefits like good transport systems and non-expensive restaurants and the City Markets.  There's a terrific China Town too.

When i lived in Sydney, albeit quite some time ago, it was pretty much as cheap to eat out almost every night, if you knew your restaurants.  There are so many, or there were, but i don't know what it's like now.  Sydney is a great city to live in, so much going on and lots to see and do, lots of it for free.  The markets were great and some of the seafood eateries were second to none anywhere in the world.
Just a couple of pictures for your delectation to day. Love the Bizarro and the painted tin suitcase.
Have a great week!