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Sunday, 3rd September 2017

What's with this weird weather?  One day, warm sunny and barely a cloud in the sky and then the next clouded over, wind picking up and decidedly on the cool side.  i'm sure it's the tail-end of whatever hurricane or severe storm that hit across the Atlantic, but it's damned odd.
It hasn't affected me much as this past week, i've had a decided 'week-off' with no appointments, things to do or places to go.  i like those weeks, i have to say. More really than one crammed with things-to-do.
This coming week is a partly-busy one and i kick off on Tuesday with my annual diabetic eye-screening, with Specsavers in Fitzroy St, not the Lionyard, this time. Honestly, the location seems to change every year; confusing to say the least.  This makes it the fourth place in as many years. Don't know why, but i suspect it's money-driven, as sadly, more and more NHS things become. There is probably not enough money in it for most of these occular practitioners, greedy little buggers...though heaven knows, there must be dozens and dozens of us. Maybe it's fitting us all in?
Wednesday, i'm off to the theatre to see 'The Real Thing', Tom Stoppard's play, with Lawrence Fox.  i like him and look forward to see how he handles a play.  No other 'names' mentioned, so it will be interesting to see if i know anyone else in the cast.  It's a shame there is so little 'parking' for scooters, and none inside the theatre now.  They used to let me park against the wall but are now citing health and safety at one and all.  They do have a limited lock-up about five minutes walk away; not ideal but better than nothing if it rains.
i have a break until the weekend when the MK Vintage & Homemade Fair is on.  Nice to note we are not restricted to the X5 bus 9.30am start for OAP's on weekends and holidays anymore and i went at 8am last time. It made such a difference getting there a good hour and a half earlier. i was able to have a quick look over the Fair, then have a bite of lunch, before settling down to a longer and closer look around.  AND i was able to come home in daylight, always a pleasure.  i'm hoping friend Anna will make it this time as it is nice to have company, even if it does slow me down - in a good way!  She has been having problems with vertigo and finally got herself a stick she's happy with, but she needs a scooter to go round the Fair really, like me, not too good on her pins long distance.  She did register there for a 'loaner' and i have reminded her about the Fair date, so she may book herself one or try just the stick.  We'll see.
i always have a good time at the Fair, even if i don't buy anything - yes, it is possible!  The lovely Brocant boys' stall will move to opposite Costa's they tell me, so much easier to find and i'm hoping it's a good place for them. Not that they lack shoppers, but they may get more of the passing trade, who may not have come just for the Fair.  Nice anticipation for Saturday.
My Well Chemist have changed their closing times on Saturdays now and i've been caught out twice now. i must try and remember; so irritating.  Luckily, nothing urgent and can be collected tomorrow.
i'm still in the throws of sorting years of paperwork, stored in a large cupboard and am in the process of date-sorting it prior to putting it all away. Big job, but needed to be done as i had records going back to 2010.  SO much less clutter; how do we manage to have so much??
Well, i must press on.  A couple of pictures for you - a hummingbird catching a brief snooze and a tiger trying to.
Have a great week all.