Lovejames (lovejames) wrote,

Friday Five 29.9.2017

Decided i'd start doing the Friday Five, as i've been very lazy and don't post often.

1. How did you choose your LJ/DW username?
i chose Lovejames mostly because i was a huge fan of James Marsters, and my maternal Grandfather was a James
2. What has been your favorite day this year and why?
i can't really pick one... maybe finally getting the cherry tree topped and pruned, thus solving light and satellite problems. And it looks SO much better!
3. What is your favorite film you've seen in the past year and why?
Actually i can point to two - 'Passengers' for the originality and i love special effects. The other is 'Spotlight', based on true story about Catholic Church cover-ups on sexual abuse.
4. What is your favorite book you've read in the past year and why?
Lots of lovely books this year - 'A Gentleman in Moscow' by
5. You get to program a half-hour of music videos on MTV. What videos to you pick?
Dunno about MTV as my selection would be 'old' stuff - Creedence Clearwater Revival, Alman Brothers, Nirvana for example

Some pictues, of course. Top two are some paintings i bought at auction, very reasonably.  Have a great week!

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