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i'm happy this morning!!

It's raining, grey and cold...  And i have just had a discussion with my loan collection agency [he was actually nice and quite helpful] - long story!.   But i am sitting here with a smile on my face - my VGA cable has finally arrived!!  Yay!

Bought a new/secondhand monitor on Ebay [that actually matches my pc] as my old SynchMaster dinosaur was trembling on it's last legs - literally.  New/old came with a power cord but not a VGA cable that connects it to the computer.   So nipped back online and bought one, making sure i had the right male/male connection.  i couldn't test the monitor until it arrived of course but left the seller positive feedback as it was as they sold it.

The cable was taking soooooooooo long to get here, i emailed asking for a delivery date.  They came back to me quickly and said posted 1st Class on Monday 5th.   Fine, this was Wednesday.   Well, Friday came and as i dashed out of the door on my way to an interview [and then the dentist - what a combination!] - no cable in the post...   
i sat on the bus chewing this over, wondering just when it would arrive.   i don't know why the mail is so BAD down here, but it is for sure.   Even within the bounds of Cambridge itself, first class post can take a couple of days but from outside the limits, it really is dire.  Lynnie in Suffolk has the same problem, so maybe it is East Anglia?
Today, however, the cable has finally arrived - 5 days...  from Liverpool.   Anybody would think it had come yak-back from Outer Bloody Mongolia!  Probably would have been faster!

Threw on dressing gown to check the post as soon as i levered self out of bed - and there it was!  HOORAY!  Ceasing my preparations for breakfast, unwashed and unkempt, i immediately removed the old monitor and hooked up the new...  Nirvana....  [no, not Kurt Cobain!]   My new baby works just fine and is so light and bright - it is almost dazzling.    The reason it was so cheap, is a slight blurring of pixels slightly off centre of the middle but it really isn't a real problem for me, as my eyes can do that for me anyway!!   It is a flat screen too, so lots more room on the desktop and is a couple of inches bigger - YAY for me!   *Minds out of the gutter, please!*
i am noticing some colours more as it has lightened that too...  must check over a couple of the video downloads that were really dark and see if it helps them...   mmmmm, what was i doing?   er, oh yes... *giggles*  breakfast....

Right, off to check my emails...  James E-ticket Day!  hopefully....

ETA   Beanbeans has told me not to use her icon *shrugs*  no probs, it's just one among hundreds.  


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Feb. 10th, 2007 02:31 pm (UTC)
Hi, hon. Congrats on your new cable and being able to use your better monitor. I hope your e-tickets for May showed up. Two good things to celebrate. :)

I hope you don't mind me saying something--I noticed you're using the icon that inxsomniax made for me of James laughing on the QM. I had to ask Lene Solbakken (Pandis on MoZ) for permission to use her picture for the icon, and then I asked inxsomniax to make that icon especially for me. I have it listed as not shareable on my user pic page. Sorry about that.

Enjoy your new monitor, and say hi to Lynnie for me--I haven't spoken to her in the longest time. :)
Feb. 10th, 2007 03:51 pm (UTC)
No biggie, it's off. But i don't think i have ever been to your site...must have seen it when you commented on someone else's post.
And i hope you don't mind me saying, say 'hi' to people yourself, yeah? secondhand wishes are never the same...
(Deleted comment)
Feb. 10th, 2007 07:01 pm (UTC)
Is that what it is?? Saxon, huh... Laid back? more like bloody horizontal...and that's just the horses!!!
Love you, babe...
(Deleted comment)
Feb. 10th, 2007 10:52 pm (UTC)
*falls over laughing* Maybe i'm using the wrong post! should tell people to send me stuff second class!! LOL
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