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Friday, 20th October 2017

Rather a dull looking day so far, with some showers.  It's been like this most of the week and i'm told it's due to the storms/hurricanes etc. On the sheltered side of UK, we are protected from most of the bad weather but do get the odd blowy & windy spell. Trees are in their autumn colours and starting to drop leaves everywhere, and i'm thinking this wind will strip a lot of it off.  i don't mind winter so much as the darkening days.  It was really dark at 7am here and i was doubly glad i don't work anymore and cold go back to bed.  i do refuse to get up in the dark.

The last two weeks ran true to form with the stop/start that seems to pervade my life.  Not a lot happens, then a bunch of stuff descends.
i've had my diabetic review, starting with the usual tests & specimen samples. Blood sugar a bit high and that really was the total outcome of the test that my doctor discussed with me.  Bottom line [yet again and so totally boring], need to loose weight.  i truly have heard that all my life, whether or not i actually needed to; i don't conform to the 'norm' of skinny women, never did.  It's hard to be 5ft 8in and measurements of 40-29-41 at age 17, when surrounded by little girls half my size with barely any tits at all!  My mother went on, and on, about being slim.  It was a little disturbing that being so petite was their goal, but i never lacked for boyfriends and in my giddy green years, quite often had a couple going at once.  i guess my Mum was looking to get me married off and she thought that was the way to be.  i doubt she ever considered what i really wanted [mostly to be left alone!] and i did not want to get married.  And still don't at nearly 70!  But i digress.
i could cope with diabetes much better if i didn't have osteo arthritis, which does complicate things.  Still all things considered, i haven't done too badly, but do need to control the blood sugar and look after myself better.

i went to see 'Blade Runner 2049' last week putting out of my mind some of the negative remarks i'd seen, and while i agree it was quite slow in parts, i was prepared for that and gave attention to the details.  It didn't quite capture the flavour of the original and Ryan didn't have the humour of Harrison Ford, but we all know remakes, or in this case 'extension', are a bit like trying to make films from books. You are up against the gap of people's expectations and what can be done to remain faithful to the story.  The visual aspects didn't have the detail of the original or sadly, the marvellous Rutger Hauer, having been 'retired'.  Inspite of the slowness of the narrative, some of the characters were a little confusing and i would quite like to see it again to smooth out some of the complexities. Overall i'd give it 4 out of 5.  Go see it and judge for yourself.
This week, inbetween trying to get a new battery for my Aerolite scooter, the rest of my diabetic revue and my NHS meeting, slotted in another trip to the cinema to see Michael Fassbinder play Harry Hole [one of my favourite Jo Nesbo characters] in 'The Snowman'.  i know i was rather tired but i kept feeling i was missing some of the plot and found bits could have done with more explanation.  It could just be me being slow; you tell me what you think.  i think he is a fine actor and always worth watching but my favourite of his films so far is 'Centurion'. 'Snowman' was nice to look at and well photographed.  Be warned, it is a bit gory but it's not gratuitous.
We're booked to see Balletboyz again on Sunday and i'm looking forward to it.  Next week is clear at the moment and i have to say i like it.
Have a great weekend!

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