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Tuesday, 24th October 2017

Hello Tuesday!  My TV & Satellite mag arrived on time [i suscribe] and my new Union Jack phone cover.  i had a white one but that got boring. It has a really grubby look which is actually quite charming!  It matches the real one that hangs in my lounge. It is tucked behind the TV normally, hidden here so i can take a shot. That little white Madonna was a gift and is quite lovely.

i'll do my Friday Five today! Yes, just a little late :D
1. What book frightened you as a young person? i don't remember ever being frightened by a book
2. If you had to become a ‘living book (i.e. able to recite the contents of a book cover to cover upon request – reference Fahrenheit 451), what book would it be?  That's a tough one. The Jungle Book maybe, with all the stories
3. What movie or TV show scared you as a kid?  i didn't get to watch 'Quatermass' and got sent to bed, but the music was scary
4. What movie (scary or otherwise) will you never ever watch? Any of the coarse and stupid American 'comedies'
5. Do you have any phobias? Hypodermics, any medical needles - can't watch anyone getting a jab even on screen!

And pictures to finish - last one is Manabu Ikeda, who draws with one ink pen; quite amazing and beautiful. Takes him years to do.