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Saturday, 28th October 2017

Well, the Friday Five were on time but i wasn't!  Lovely day testerday though the wind was a bit shy.  Cloudier today and a lot colder; i actually have the little blow heater on at the moment.  i draped a shawl over my back as i was getting chilly, but as the room as warmed up, i dropped it behind me.

1. What are you going to dress up for Halloween? i don't 'do' Halloween. It's another American excuse for selling a load of old tat, in my opinion!
2. What was your favorite Halloween costume you ever had? Never had one
3. What is your favorite type of candy? This is getting old hat, isn't it?  'Candy' is also not an English word.  i do like aniseed wheels and Fox mints, but with the diabetes, i only keep some sweets in my bag for emergencies as a quick sugar level fix.
4. What are your feelings on pumpkin flavoring or pumpkin spice flavoring? Sorry, don't do either! Sounds revolting...
5. With October almost gone, what was your favorite part of the month? It's all the same to me, though i do await my DLA!

i really do like little houses, WoodWoman's seaside ones are great and don't you just love Clay Richard's Listed Building?!