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Tuesday, 31st October 2017

Nothing special to report, except i saw 'The Death of Stalin' yesterday.  A decidedly odd film with a mixture of horrific happenings and funny bits that you had the feeling you really shouldn't laugh at, but did anyway.  It gave you the feeling the top of the Politbureau were mostly all power-mad or just there for the ride.  Rupert Friend and Jeremy Isaac were a blast of fresh air and i loved them both, for different reasons - who couldn't love Rupert just for himself?!

55) Last gift you received? It was a lovely brightly coloured scarf, with a Picasso signature, from friend Anna
56) Last sport you played?  i've never played sport competatively but used to swim a lot
57) Things you spend a lot of money on? i love buying stuff at auctions and vintage & homemade fairs and far too much on groceries!
58) Where do you live? i live in the city of Cambridge, in the end mews flat in a cul-de-sac, which makes it one of the quietest places i've ever lived in.

i'm away to the vintage fair at Milton Keynes on Saturday all things being equal. Hope you are all having a good week!