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Saturday, 18th November 2017

How did it get to be the 18th already?!
i got up late today, even for me! Which meant everything had to be done later, including washing my hair [i always put it off on cold days, slovenly woman that i am] and catching up on emails, etc.  i had 2 soft boiled eggs & toast around midday and i'm going to have a prawn salad in short order as it's now after 3pm.  It's all made, but i'll do the Friday 5 before i eat.

1. What are you thankful for this year or are you just happy it’s nearly over?
i guess i'm glad i'm nearly 70, which means i've lived longer than Dad. Ma's next at 74. It's been a mixed year.
2. When you have a traditional family get together, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas or for some other reason, is there a dish that you just have to have or something is missing?
We don't have family get togethers now; the cousins do their things up north and never invite me anyway.
3. Do you like turkey?
Yes, i like turkey, though i have to get a turkey crown as it's much smaller.
4. Do you anticipate or dread family get-togethers?
No family get togethers as above. i have dinner with a friend combining my birthday and Christmas, and that's it really.
5. If you could get your family/friends to listen to you at one of these gathers, really listen to you, what would you say to them?
It is doubtful that i'd have anything to say to them now. i so rarely see them as it's a big undetaking for me to go up north and none of them want to visit me as i don't have accommodation for them [or parking anymore]. i don't have anythinig they want or can provide, so they no longer care.  i guess i'm lucky they send me a birthday and Christmas cards.

i'm sorry if that sounds like carping, it isn't really.  It doesn't upset me. It's the way of world when you were never close to begin with. Not by choice i hasten to say, but by geography. Anyway, i'm okay with it, i guess; don't think about it much.

Right, my prawns are calling!  Have a great weekend!
i love street art. The 'Bah Hum Bug' is my new 'sweatshirt' and is gorgeously soft - sums me up completely, doncha think??