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Christmas Day, 25th December 2017

It's been dark all day with the cloud cover and getting colder [they said it would].  Still not a real problem, but my electric bill must be soaring, even though i'n only heating one room, the little blow heater must chew though it.  Turn on the lights and carry on, me hearties!
i put out extra bird food for my little birdies and they tucked in.  i'm defrosting my turkey crown in the fridge and will soon set to and get the veggies ready; love roast veg.  i'll put the tv on for the news etc and watch Queenie's message as i eat; catch up on what is and is not happening in the world.  i've been catching up with overdue [to sort] paperwork and my desk is a LOT tidier, though there's still a bit to put away.  Two lots of Friday memes to do as well.  Here goes

1. What is your favorite winter holiday memory?   Winter..not a lot of those.  Let's see - going to Venice for a week in January one year.
2. Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts and why?  Both really,  though giving just gets favourite.  Like seeing if i've guessed right.
3. What is your favorite winter holiday tradition?  Don't really have any now.  Used to put up the decorations & tree on my birthday but haven't bothered for the past few years.  i do hang up Christmas cards and put out my Snowman & Santa, and a wreath on the door.
4. What is your favorite holiday tv special or film and why? i've got Despicable Me 3 to watch later but don't have a Favourite.
5. What is your least favorite part about the holiday season? It has to be the post-Christmas slump, bare walls and an odd sense of loss, though not so much now as i'm used to Christmas on my own.

i have another meme, which i need to dig out.

1. Are you at all nostalgic or sentimental? i'm rarely nostalgic and not very sentimental, i'm afraid.
2. Do you know any songs/poems/passages from novels or stories by heart? What are they? Lots of songs, the odd poem but really not many books by heart, though i know the stories of too many to mention.
3. Are you good at doing impressions of people? i used to be but i think i'd be way out of practice now
4. What book are you reading at the moment? i've just started Terence Stamps autobiographies; not bad either
5. Do you believe in an Afterlife? No.  Though i guess i'm like everyone else in wishing there were.  i'll settle for being a spirit exploring the Universe!

So.  Another Christmas.  i'd like to see in 2047 at a hundred - what's the odds, buddy??