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Friday Five on Saturday 30.12.2017

Well, it's one more day left of 2017.  Moved in here 1st December, 2010 - seven years; how did that happen?  i don't know, take your eye off the calendar and time simply GALLOPS!  Even more astonishing, Mum died in '98, [an amazing 20 years in 2018].  Can't believe it's been that long. i guess none of us really believe our parents will leave us, in body at least.  They never do in memory.  It's hard but you have no choice but to try and accept the disaster and get on with your life.  It doesn't hurt as much this far away but she is never far from my thoughts.  It's different with Dad, oddly enough.  i think it's because he never seemed that interested in me and we rarely had a conversation, other than saying 'hello' and 'i'll call Mum' when i phoned and not a lot more when i saw him in person.  i didn't see much of him as a child and he didn't really figure much in my life even as an adult.  i think he loved us in his way, at least i hope so.  Mum said he did - and that was the problem. A lot of what he thought etc came filtered down through her.  i can only recall more direct interaction when he needed some feedback - and by the gods, that was RARE!  And the last time i spoke to him was when they came back to UK and i went to Australia in '81.  So many years now.

Enough of this maudlin talk!  Amazingly, the sun is shining [no idea how long it will last] and not snowing or raining.  It was very cold last night and i half expected to get up to a white garden again, but no.  i must admit when it started snowing 3 days ago, i simply 'dug in' and tuned out. Didn't have to worry about anybody as all the folks i care about things to do and places to go.  i did have an appointment on Wednesday but we mutually cancelled and i only had to pick up some medication & bread yesterday, so straight home to pull up the drawbridge!  i doubt i shall see anyone now until Tuesday [i'm due a shingles vaccination!].  Not a problem, i hasten to add. Plenty of books, DVDS and recorded TV programs to last me until Easter, at least!!  Quiet month; dentist check-up 16/1 and nothing until a theatre date on the 15th February to see 'Art' with Nigel Havers & Denis Lawson.  Nice quiet start to the year.  There will be other things happening for sure, in and around that but not just yet.

i've put out lots of food for my birds and i'm now feeding a whole flock of blackbirds, not sure if they are rooks or crows and the usual gang of magpies.  I've only seen sparrows and a quick glimpse of a robin so far; not that i'm complaining but i miss the blue tits.  Maybe later when it's warmer.  i'll do the Friday Five and wish you a Happy New Year!

1. What happened to you in 2017 that made you the happiest?  Discovering my 'fatty liver' is managable!
2. What are your plans for New Year's Eve/New Year's Day?  Nothing unusual - by that i mean, it's another day is all
3. What was the best discovery you made in 2017?  New authors for my Kindle!
4. What are your thoughts on the idea of "new year/new you?"  i think it's a bit late for that *g*
5. What are you most looking forward to in 2018? Living healthily and happily for another 30 years or so?  i want to see who will send my Royal Birthday Card!


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Dec. 30th, 2017 05:01 pm (UTC)
I’m glad it’s been good news about your liver - you were worried about that weren’t you.

I’ve got a bird feeder and fortunately the cats are incredibly disinterested in the little birds. They are more interested in watching the enormous wood pigeons stomping around the lawn.
Jan. 2nd, 2018 08:42 pm (UTC)
Luckily i don't get many of those damned pigeons, but have ring-neck doves. The crows are the biggest of the blackbirds, then the magpies. i often have the feeling i'm feeding flocks of the two latter birds but rarely have more than two of the doves. i wait with eager anticipation for the rest of my little ones, daft old bat that i am! i buy BIG 20-25k of wild bird seed but they all seem to love the fat/insect/seed cakes, especially the blackbirds & magpies.
All the neighbourhood cats would catch the birds if they could!
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