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Friday, 19th January 2018

It's fine so far today, winds still cold and forecasts of colder weather.  Scotland, then Wales bearing the brunt of the worst weather.
It's been a busy week for me. i always seem to have one busy week and lots crammed into it, then nothing booked for one or two weeks following, do not know why.
Spent Monday getting myself sorted in anticipation of the new freezer coming Tuesday.  Managed to pull out my old one to clean underneath and get the area as clean as possible. That went better than i thought, so pleased with that.  Amazingly, almost all the food is still frozen, much to my surprise.  If i didn't know better, i'd say the freezing unit had had a Lazarus moment.  i knew the power was still 'on' but that the freezing part was kaput - so i thought.  i'll be happy with a new one anyway, as the door seals were starting to go [like my little fridge!] and some water gathering on the top of the door.  The new freezer is taller but a little slimmer - i must try and keep at least some of the top clear. i have a tendency to stick things up there.
Tuesday was delivery day in the 3.15pm-6.30pm slot. i loaded a large plastic tray [for cleaning oven racks] with the frozen food and covered it all with a couple of large towels, which worked very well. Good job it's winter! The delivery man [Keiron, very nice and cheerful] arrived about 4.15pm.  Very efficient and wheeled my old one out no problem.  He unpacked and installed the new one in no time; leave it for 3 hours to settle.  Good stuff!  i had plenty of time to read the instructions and had a four hour wait for the desired level of cold after that.  As the tray was sitting on top of the stove, it was a good excuse to take myself out for a haddock dinner at the Sea Tree.  The fish is always nicely cooked and they will take off the skin on request.  i don't get people who have it skin-on as it's really inedible; even fried crispy.  On to 11pm and i checked the temperature and turned it up to max when i had loaded the food; i turned it down after a few hours back to Mid.  It's so quiet, i had to check to make sure it was 'on' !  Disconcerting when you can't hear an appliance turn itself on but very pleased with it so far.
Wednesday was scheduled for a blood test and my B12 shot. The B12 was long overdue - no wonder i was feeling tied!  i feel better today. It seemed to be collision day - me with a wine stand in Tesco Express and two cars outside the PO, as i was just about to enter to take my parcels in; not too bad but noisy..
Thursday - i had a meeting with my group [monitoring the NHS] in the afternoon for a change, though that won't last. The rest of the group have cars [good parking out in Trumpington] but all seem to prefer the morning which is a shame.  They were of the opinion that morning was better as it didn't break up their day so badly, and it left the afternoon clear for other things.  One lady has started giving me a lift home, if she comes [Very busy woman]; there is another lady who goes to the auctions like me, and will give me a lift sometimes if it's auction day, otherwise i get a taxi.  i can claim the taxis back on receipts, but on a one-trip fare, i rarely bother.  It's fair cheap with a taxi docket.
Today it's fine, with intermittant cloud, so a lot of nice sunshine. Wind still bitterly cold.  i have a 'day-off' today and this weekend and pretty much the next two weeks.  Cheffins auction next Thursday - might go, inspite of not much of interest, except a Peter Nuttall [picture below]. i'm doubtful about getting this as the estimate starts at £150 and there's another lady who is a fan who comes sometimes and has much deeper pockets than mine, but i do love his work.
Only a dentist check-up at the end of the month and i do have to go back to the practice nurse for the blood test results [so they can lecture me!] but very quiet so far.
And we're up-to-date.  Some pictures from my gallery - adorable owl and unusual red picture of Venice.
Hope this weather and strong winds haven't affected you too much. Have a great weekend!


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Jan. 20th, 2018 04:23 pm (UTC)
It sounds like you've been incredibly busy! It is annoying when everything comes at the same time doesn't it!
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