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Icons, sensitive toesies, etc

This got ridiculous... one complains and it becomes a domino of their friends...  Well, there won't be a 'whose next' as i have deleted all but three of the icons i had.  What a molehill.... i feel like i'm standing in a school yard - 'she can't play with us'..  i am more worried about paying my rent and my overdue loan repayments, than misusing someone's icon;   sorry, guys, it's not THAT important to me - so rather than fanny around, i've deleted the lot.... 

You'd think someone would be flattered you want to use their icon, wouldn't you?  Fergetaboutit!  i have to tell you, guys, you do need to copyright them, if it is a 'hands off' one...  Do not assume because you have put a notice on your website that we know only you are allowed to use it - if we haven't been to your website and have only see your icon when you post somewhere, how are we to know it's EXCLUSIVE?

i am one of how may hundreds? who use other people's, because i do not know how to make icons and i do not have a program that makes them.   There have only been a few people whose icons i actually like.  Most of the James ones are the usual boring rehash of Spike pictures.   i suspect there are many like me who only remember where a few of them come from and we give credit where we can.  i have used mostly Kazzy Cee's and JMLive over the past two years, i think it is...
But i don't want more comments about it, or opinions or anything else - it's done.  Smart ass comments will simply be deleted.

i will only use friend's icons or public ones, like JMLive, who mark their's... or the one i am using here - a Georgia O'Keefe print, that wasn't made by anyone on LJ but is on the internet in a catalogue.   Not making money off it or planning to publish it, so i can use it...
Here endeth the latest storm in a teacup....  i'm through bein' polite, get a life...


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Feb. 12th, 2007 03:43 pm (UTC)
This is the fourth kerfuffle I've seen this morning. I always get there after it's all over! I simply never know what's going on. :D Sometimes it's better that way. :D I use the icons of bendy1 a lot 'cos she's very generous and let's you snag and you don't have to credit. :D
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