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Friday Five 19.01.2018

Friday Five

1. Where did you grow up and do you miss it?
i grew up in three different countries, so hard to say.  i did love Malaya, loathed Aden and was curious about the brief bits of UK i saw
2. Which are your three favorite words in the dictionary and why?
i guess 'satisfaction' for obvious reasons, 'auctions' as i love them and 'cats' as i love them too
3. What is a vegetarian dish that you really like?
Cauliflour cheese
4. What do you do when you have a misunderstanding with your friend?
Only if i don't explain myself properly
5 What do you daydream about?
Don't do that much. Going back to Venice maybe

Storm damage at Jesus College, Cambridge


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Jan. 20th, 2018 04:22 pm (UTC)
Cauliflower cheese is so delicious!
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