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Saturday, 27th January 2018

First off, the Friday Five, which i don't get until Saturday!  Always interesting questions for the FF

1. After your first language, what language would you most like to learn? (Say first language too)
My first is English.  i would like to speak many languages but i don't learn easily.  Proper Italian would be good and better French
2. Does your country have a second language? What is it?
Brittain has many languages but officially it's English
3. How many languages can you count to 5 in? To 10 in? List them
French, Italian, Cantonese, Arabic, German, Malay and some up to 10
4. What is the first overseas country you visited? And from where? (ie/ timbuctoo to mars)
Malaya from UK
5. What country do you most want to visit? And why?
Norway [spectacular scenery] and Holland [wonderful flowers and Amsterdam canals]

You need to want to visit other countries and learn what makes the people tick, as it were. Seek to expand your mind at all times, and the best way to do that is to travel.  Start as early as you can manage it and strive to keep doing it.  It's a lot more difficult in some ways and a lot easier in others, but the driving force is time and accessibility, and money.  Technology helps to plan where and how but unless you can stay with people you know, you need plenty of money.  You also need to be as fit as you can be and have decent 'legs' !  It will get harder the older you get if you are not fit or heaven forbid, disabled.  For the latter case, you will need a lot of help and be aware of what you cannot do - no running up and down three flights of hotel stairs in Venice, for instance!
Travel is so good for you in so many ways, but you must go with an open mind and not judge what you see until you understand what you see.
i've met people who might just as well have stayed at home, for all the impression travel made on them.  Those who take 'English' food with them or ask for an English menu, instead of eating what the locals do. i can understand taking your tea bags, if that is precious to you, but at least try to taste different things.  i remember looking forward to all the local specialities when i went to China, only to be horribly disappointed to be only offered what you could get in your local Chinese takeaway!  Such a wasted opportunity.  i guess guided tours will do that to you.  The only speciality we were offered was one Peking Duck dinner in Beijing - yes, that was it.  i was crushed, but as the worst sore throat in creation attacked me, it is a moot point how much i could have enjoyed it.
i dream about travelling quite a lot, sad dreams mostly; but i do have lovely memories of places i enjoyed.  *wonderful Venice*
i also have good memories of the countries i lived in and some lovely people i met.  i fear most of my travelling days are over and although i miss it, i'm becoming reconcilled to the fact - slowly!  So, dear friends, go travelling as much as you can for as long as you can. May the gods be kind to you.
Hope you are having a great weekend and enjoy this year!  The earrings are beetle wings and isn't that the most adorable bookmark you have ever seen?


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Jan. 28th, 2018 10:32 am (UTC)
I get annoyed that people want English things abroad too. But then I can’t see the point of travelling and then spending the whole of the holiday baking on a beach and not seeing the country either.

You could always go on a cruise to somewhere like Norway. They cater well for mobility issues.
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