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Sunday, 25th February 2018

Bitterly cold days have not been helping my SECOND nasty head/chest cold since having the 'flu jab!  It's so energy sapping and makes me want to turn into a hermit and avoid people altogether; more of a hermit than i already am, that is.  i've been rolling into bed in what i'm wearing during the day, so slovenly of me, but i simply want to say warm - and conserve energy.  i MUST wash my hair; it's horrible and so unattractive!  i did manage to vacuum just before the lergy set in or i'd be knee deep in dust by now.  Huge pile of dishes to wash but have kept up with the washing.
My friend Anna is extremely unwell. Her lungs are now so badly damaged with some unknown fibroris; no cure, no set treatments as yes, unknown.  She has a permanent oxygen converter in her lounge and good long plastic tubing to cover all the flat.  She has to hook-up to it for a good 16 hours a day. Even the simplest tasks exhaust her and she will be getting at least a part-time carer.  The Occupational Therapist [herein after the OT] should have come to see her this week and i've told Anna to make sure the OT helps her set-up her application for Disability Living Allowance [DLA], which will help her in so many ways.  Not the least in monies for taxis etc [and will be eligible for Taxi discount dockets too], but to at least be able to hire a mobility scooter, as i'm sure she will qualify for the top rates in Caring & Mobility from the start.
i've my fingers crossed that things will get better for her with help and trusting life will be a little kinder.  It's so frustrating not being able to help much.  i'm chafing that her family don't appear to be helping much, especially as not all of them know how serious this is. And is not going to 'get better' - and i worry about the weight she has lost and - oh, stop.  i'm depressed enough as it is.
No Friday Five again, so i'll do KazzyCee's meme.

Favourite smell - Onions and garlic frying
Last cry -  Music has the power to make me cry, like the magical k.d.lang
Favourite pizza - Cheese, tomato, black olives, anchovies, mushrooms and pepperoni.
Favourite Flower - Orchids, the beautiful little oriental Spider ones and lime-green spider or pom-pom crysanths
Favourite Dog breed - REALLY don't like dogs. i tolerate working dogs as long as they live outside the home
Favourite foot attire - I like going barefoot inside if it's warm enough and mules or any backless shoe outside.  i do have ankle boots but need to get them on before my ankles swell!
Hair colour -  very dark blonde now well streaked with white
Favourite Ice cream - Coffee [very hard to get now] and vanilla
Pet-peeve - Too many, but the continuing horrific grammar or rather lack of it, rattles my cage almost daily - and what's this crap about leaving words out of the dictionary?? Please tell me it's just the latest USA stupidity!
Shorts or jeans - Only shorts occasionally inside on hot days and jeans a lot in winter for warmth
What are you listening to right now? - The little blower heater next to my desk.
Favourite colour - Lots of blues, with black or grey pants
Colour of eyes - Hazel/brown
Favourite Holiday - I don't really do annual holidays any more.  No family who care and/or too far away.  Most friends too far away too
Night owl or day person- I'm mostly an owl
Favourite day of the week -  My choice since i retired and i like it fine!
Nickname - Only one person calls me by a nickname - 'Bertha' and that's a long story
Favourite music - I like mostly everythiing within reason, except some of the modern crap, modern & 'Trad' jazz
Do you like to cook? Yes, i do but tend to cook in batches now; eat a portion and freeze the rest
Beer or wine? -  Wine and did try hard to like beer [it's so much cheaper] but i can't stand the stuff
Can you drive a manual shift? Yes but not very well - i use an automatic because of the 'leg'; much safer
State you were born in? In the old West Riding of Yorkshire - an English county, not an American 'state'
Do you work out? Too restricted now, but i try to move about as much as i can
Do you like vegetables? Yes, but not exclusively
Do you wear glasses? Yes, I use them for distances, different ones for computer and reading glasses. i'm one of the myopic short-sight gets better type
Favourite season? Autumn for cooler but still fine days. And the colours are really nice

i've included a shot of my favourite Malaysian curry sauce - disappearing from the shelves it seems - HELP!


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Feb. 25th, 2018 05:50 pm (UTC)
Now that you've mentioned it, coffee icecream is fairly scarce isn't it! I have a good recipe to make it which is incredibly easy. Google Nigella's coffee no churn icecream. It's yummy.
Mar. 1st, 2018 02:32 pm (UTC)
Thanks for that, i'll go look it up. i lurves coffee icecream - and real coffee for that matter!
Janet Elizabeth Bird
Feb. 25th, 2018 09:47 pm (UTC)
That was a cracking post, apart from your friend, I hope she gets sorted with a carer/benefits. Nobody should have to worry about the basics when they are poorly. :(
Mar. 1st, 2018 02:35 pm (UTC)
That is for sure! It always annoys me when nobody tells you what help you can get - mind you, i don't think the councils want you to know!
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