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Thursday, 1st March 2018

Boy, it's cold this week! i seriously think this has been the coldest daytime temperature possibley since i've been back in England, and certainly since i've been down here in Cambridge.  i even had the central heating on for a day to warm up the flat to wash my hair in comfort - there's a radiator in the bathroom.  i so rarely have the CH on, it's note-worthy!  Did i mention i'm getting over another batch cold/flu? That's two since i had my first 'flu jab!  Been lurking on my chest for a while now.  i do feel hugely better in myself but still battling the lurgy.  i'm eating properly again too, always a good sign. :D
It's been snowing on and off for five days now, and wasn't that a surprise. i don't think anyone saw this coming. Roads are bad and so are the trains.  i think the usual gritting etc has been rather eclipsed.  Lots of shots of jack-knifed lorries and car tail-backs on the news every day.  i hope my Tesco delivery isn't too badly affected on Saturday; i'm hoping it won't be too bad by then.  Our side-street is passable just now.

i don't know where the birds go inbetween flurries, but as soon as it stops snowing, they all come zipping out and have a quick snack.  i was delighted to see one of my blue tits as well as the usual blackbirds/magpies/doves/crows crew.  i have some small brown birds that i am presuming are thrushes. They're not big enough to be immature blackbirds and i can't get a picture of them, so don't know.
It's the day for my mobility scooter servicing, but too cold to work outside. The serviceman took them both back to base to work on and i should have them back by tomorrow sometime.  Nice guy, new to me. It's not expensive and i like that they will come to me.  i know some folk have problems with getting scooters fixed, especially if they aren't running. It's all very well to say, bring them in to the shop but how do you do that if your means are limited.  i guess it's big taxis if it's near enough to get there without going bankrupt!  My lot are too far for that.
i'm waiting for a delivery of some new gloves from Amazon.  The delivery guys are getting a bad name with me as they tend to be rather slap-dash and lazy. One or two deliver properly, but it's too common for them to shove a card in the letterbox, saying they tried to deliver.  They lie too frequently and have neither rung the bell or knocked - i know because i've been home!  Most of the time they just leave it on the mat or in my designated cupboard, but this leaving with neighbour bullshit is just that and highly annoying.  Luckily my real neighbours are good guys and don't mind, but this latest 'delivery' is a step too far.  The latest card left says 'left with neighbour' but not here in the Mews, oh no, that'd be too easy. This little trollop has written 10 Romsay TERRACE as my 'neighbour', roughly at the top of the Terrace, a cold slog away!!  i've been up there twice but nobody in.  i left my card saying 'please ring me when you're in' last night but i've not heard anything so far.  i'll go up again when i get my scooter back.  Hope this 'neighbour' hasn't gone away - i've no idea who they are.  Which is another annoyance.  i was so angry, i went online after i got back and put in an official complaint with Amazon.
That's my second 'official' complaint in one day.  i'd just finished firing off a rocket at Missed Bins section of the Council.  It's an intermittant and years-running battle with my bin collections; frequently missed and not emptied.  Last one made me froth at the mouth as they'd emptied the whole Mews but not mine.  The basic problem is the little wall that separates my area from the rest - i leave the gate permanently propped open for access but it doesn't stop the bin men from leaving me out. i've heard every excuse in the book - and yes, they often lie. i'm a council tennant so they have no excuse; they have to come in to get the bins as we have nowhere to put them out.  AND i'm on their 'collect and replace' list to add insult to injury.  i emailed telling them they'd missed me and they replied it would be done 'in four working days'.  It still hasn't been and the latest blue/green bins still have some items left in the bottoms!  So i put in an official complaint -  now waiting for the latest response.
There's always some damn thing, isn't there??
i've a stack of paperwork to get through, so i'll love you and leave you.  Take care and stay warm.


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Mar. 1st, 2018 04:41 pm (UTC)
Amazon aren't too bad around here but we had a couple of deliveries 'left with neighbours' which were clearly pinched by the drivers (son ordered a TV and then reordered and both were nicked!). Usually they are pretty good overall. The delivery company I have issues with is Yodel who just barefaced lie about ringing the bell or knocking as I've been home and they lob parcels over my side gate!! It must take longer for them to write out the card than to wait for me to answer the damn door!! Grrrrrr.......

Keep warm!
Mar. 3rd, 2018 12:59 pm (UTC)
i SO agree! You have to wonder why they take the job if they appear to dislike it so much. i've actually answered the door to find one twerp in the process of writing the card! i blame those film makers to have characters ring or knock and the door pops open in seconds. i can't work out what is happening here as i've been up to #10 and there's never anybody there, day or evening. Why write this ridiculous card as i'm pretty certain #10 have gone away or left. This order was £17 odd's of new gloves, so i'll have to get onto Amazon again.
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