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Wednesday, 7th March 2018

The Friday Five gets later all the time, but no matter, there's nothing time sensitive in it

Would you rather [hobbies version]...

  1. shop // sunbathe - shop

  2. dance // sing - both

  3. watch college football // watch NFL - i'm not into any kind of football UK or USA

  4. write // read - read

  5. chat online with friends // hang out with friends - i like both, but restricted to online more nowadays as i'm soo far away from friends.

i've never really been much of a sunbather, only remember doing it in NZ one time, when i got really pale and wanted to put colour on my legs. That minimised the scars when i wore skirts.  i love to dance but pretty much out of the question now.  Same can be said of singing, as i've really no voice left.  i rarely sing anything nowadays.  i only keep a filofax diary now and only write on here and Facebook.  i send the odd email and that's about it.
i must go out and collect my prescription but it's a lot warmer now - maybe the calm before the next storm the weather forecasters say.  i want to go to the MK Homemade & Vintage Fair on Saturday and it's supposed to be okay during most of the day but possibily deteriorating to snow later in the afternoon, so i need to make sure i'll be warm at the bus stops.  Oh joy.  Hopefully it will be worth it for a good day.
Talk to y'all later!