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Sunday, 11th March 2018

And we have a rather belated Friday Five, again.  Not a 'biggie'...

1) Who made you feel good this week, and how? Sorry to say, it didn't happen

2) What did you do this week that moved you closer to reaching your goals? i don't have goals per say, except to live forever!

3) What did you most enjoy doing this week? Best thing this week was going to the MK Homemade & Vintage Fair, pretty much always a good day out.  i had a good trip there and back, the two hours didn't seem to drag at all; nice for a change.

4) What did you learn this week? Far more about fibromyalgia than i wanted!

5) What’s the funniest thing that happened to you this week? Can't think of anything off the top of my little pointed head.  Oh dear, this is a real negative set of responses, isn't it?  Maybe i can do better this week.

I managed to have a good day at the MK Fair.  There weren't as many stalls, i think.  i certainly felt i covered them all faster than usual. i had a nice chat with some of the regular stallholders, which i enjoyed, but didn't buy much.  Just as well, i'm not very affluent just now!
A rather nice mum & baby [carved in single pieces] whale set, a lovely red fabric with gold leaves [destined to be a scarf], a set of the sweetest bee coasters and yet another silver ring [just plain coil of silver wire].
Another week on its way, enjoy and take care!