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Saturday, 24th March 2018

It's been an up and down day.  Got some things done but not others.  Stripped bed but not re-made, big wash-up in kitchen and eventually went out to see an Indian music concert.  Doors opening at 7pm, so i got there early at 6.30pm.  HUGE queue for the other hall, some girl singer i found out but i'd never heard of her, so promptly forgot her name!  About 7pm no movement to go in and i went over to the desk.  i overheard the guy telling other people, doors were now 8PM, musicians starting around 8.15pm.  i was so disgusted, i left and went to get some dinner - i could have eaten by then if i'd known.  Thoroughly pissed off.  It being the busiest night of the week, i reckoned i might be in for a wait but nothing out of the normal wait really, so that was good.  i chuffed off home through the lightest drizzle ever and was back about 9.50pm.  Ho hum.
Do you remember these wonder illustrations by Pauline Baynes in the Narnia books; i had forgotten she drew some for the Lord of the Rings too. Wonderful stuff. Hope you are having a good weekend