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Saturday, 24th March 2018 - Part 2

About forgot the Friday Five!

1. What is the most important lesson you have learned from your love life?
That i really can do without all those fragile egos!
2. When it comes to love, are you an optimist or a cynic?
Definitely a cynic
3. You see a long lost ex walking down the street. Are you more likely to approach him/her or just keep walking?
There's only a couple that i'd talk to again. They're 'pasts' although i don't think there's rancor [not on my part anayway], but not interested in approaching them, or i'd still be in contact.
4. Do you believe in the idea of a soul mate?

Nice fairy tale!
5. Care to share any relationship stories?
Wasn't that interesting??!! Not.
Love the jousting rabbits...