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Tuesday, 17th April 2018

Well now, it looks as though Spring is finally here.  The back garden seems to think so anyway.  i guess this is a good thing as i turned into a real agraphobic this year!

Friday Five, a bit late but i haven't been in here for a while.

1) Has the weather where you are finally started acting like spring is here?
Yes, it has and the trees are all in bud and sois my ceanothis [sp?]

2) Do you have any special spring activities or outings planned?
i'd like to go down to the botanical gardens to look at the roses this year

3) Have you started wearing different clothing appropriate to spring?
 Not quite yet but it hopefully won't be long now

4) What signs of spring are manifesting around you?
Warmer daytime and night time temperatures, which will manifest in the duvet coming off the bed and a coverlet going on.  i will wait for a suitabley sunny warm day and will hopefully get the duvet washed before storage.

5) Are there special foods you enjoy preparing and/or eating in the spring?
Again hopefully, getting into eating more salads and being kind to my liver!

Couple of pictures for you - some wonderful Grinling Gibbons carvings.  Have a great week!