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Tuesday, 8th May 2018

Well, it's spring at last.  All the gardens are bursting with new growth and that includes ours.  It actually could do with a haircut and a good tidy up, though heaven knows when we will get one.  It's not that the Councils don't care, it's more there are not enough workers what with job cuts etc that they are being forced to make with the ever decreasing money from the Govt.  There's this ill-conceived move to try and get the public to do more and more and attempt to bridge the gap.  Most of us have neither the time nor expertise to do so. Also i don't think enough thought has gone into what money goes where and in consequence daft things get supported and some more important stuff is not helped enough, even ignored in favour of someone's pet project; which annoys me a lot. i won't do a song and dance about the millions the Govt seem to magic out of the air for stuff outside the UK [which makes me boiling mad] but does anyone really realise where this is coming from?  Yes, straight out of our pockets - and i resent that more than i can express politely!  Just how much do they have squirreled away??

i've been trying to think posively and on 'the bright side' every day, but damn, it's not easy.  i did get a smile when UKIP failed to get any seats in the local elections and wound up with none! *big smile*  i think Farage single-handedly slit their throats with all that USA ass-licking and his general stupidity.  i'm glad the LibDems made a much better showing this time, which goes to show that the public are tired of the eternal two-party political system, as i have been for many years.  There seems to be great uncertainty about what they actually want to achieve however. Personally, i do like co-elitions - remember what this achieved during WW2, when all pulled together to good effect.  Why can't they do that now?  All this petty inter-party bickering makes me sick.

So, someting good to celebrate this week?  A new Royal baby, Prince Louis will do.  i take my hat off to the Duchess, braving such awful morning sickness to 'do her duty' and give a good solid family line for the future.  A lovely girl in many ways.  Which reminds me, did you see that little documentary about the Queen and the royal jewellery?  Man, was she pissed at not getting a better presenter!  He was terrified of her and tried the kid-glove approach, which failed miserably. She obviously didn't like him and was bitingly rude to him several times.  It didn't show her in a good light and that comment she made when asked what her children were doing during the Coronation, that she didn't know 'as she wasn't there' - and really couldn't have cared less.  'Didn't know'?? She didn't do herself any favours on that one!  What a contrast to her walk around the Palace trees with David Attenborough.  Equally obvious she likes him and it was a good programme, though her imperiousness showed through now and again.  i think at 92, her Maj gets tetchy and sour quite a bit more - i wouldn't like to be one of her servants, when her Word is law.  She's been a damn good Queen, building her life on discretion and keeping her views to herself; don't spoil it now, Ma'am.
That gave rise to some speculation on my part when Prince Phillip 'retired' from public duties, as to who will outlive the other.  My money is on the Queen. She seems to be in lot better health than the old boy.  Anyway, Charles must be preparing himself.  Never nice to loose a parent.
Some pics to cheer me up!  Small bits of silver plate picked up in the auction [love the tiny pepper pot], creepy roof, Ann Wood's pirate birds, 'paper' nautileus, very unusual Japanese painting and a glass & wire dragonfly