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Friday, 18th May 2018

Odd day - fine with some sun & cloud but cool in the shade and not warm enough to have the lounge door open yet. It's nice if you can find a secluded spot in the sun.
Went out to my monthly NHS/patients group meeting yesterday and found myself chairing as neither our Chair nor the Vice Chair were there. We didn't seem to have appologies from either, though they may have sent them to the girl who takes the minutes, but she's on holiday.  Just points out her lack of competance, as she's one step short of not-very-good to say the least and not that interested in what she is supposed to do for our Group.  It wouldn't matter but we did have a guest speaker. We managed needless to say.
i was preparing an online prescription request earlier and had to ring the doctors as for some reason i hadn't realised i was almost out of Glicidize and wouldn't get more until after the weekend. No problem, they will send a prescription electronically to my chemist today.  i must ring them in a bit to see if it's gone through yet.

Friday Five on time for a change.
1. Is there a smell that will immediately sicken you? Bad blood, just awful
2. When you want quiet, where do you go? i'm lucky i live in a very quiet area at the bottom of a cul-de-sac.
3. Do you need/prefer total darkness when you sleep? Not total but do like it dark. Strangely the Council has just replaced our outside lights and we now have one that illuminates the back garden too.  It doesn't bother me but my neighbour is adjusting to it.
4. What is your least favorite taste? Odd question. Tasting medication meant just to swallow (when it sticks in your mouth)
5. How heavily do you rely upon your sense of touch? Somewhat but starting to loose feeling in my feet, which is disoncerting.

My ceanothis bush behind the rose (too early for that)


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May. 18th, 2018 04:05 pm (UTC)
Your group sounds a bit disorganised! It's a good job you were able to step in.

Sorry to hear about your feet!
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