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And it isn't half over yet!!

Two letters in the post this morning - Housing/Revenue Services want my bank statements covering 11-22nd December - to make sure i haven't sneaked some 'income' into my account - before they will pay out on 11 friggin days....  *Big sigh of frustration*   Previous letter wasn't enough, huh?  At least they sent a SAE to return them in...

Second one - i just saw RED!  This was from Barclays Collection Department - remember i had that phone call from them on the 10th February?  Spent an hour talking to this guy, Dale - very nice, supportive and understood what i was saying, blah, blah, blah.  He'd put a note on the file, detailing what we had said about waiting for the Housing review for short payment of housing benefit - so i could work out what i COULD pay them per month...  Also that a letter would come out to me reminding me i was behind with my payments - sorry one hadn't come already.    Remember all that?
This letter dated the SAME DAY - not only says they have written before [Dale said they hadn't] - so who's lying? - is from Senior Manager [i remember her from 6 years ago, she was so un-caring and unpleasant, on a different matter] and baldly states they have ALREADY TAKEN THE OUTSTANDING MONEY £148.89 FROM MY ACCOUNT!!!!!   BEFORE THIS FRIGGIN DAY.   Under the terms of the loan, they CAN do this but say they try to resolve the problem FIRST.  Complete rubbish.
So what was the point of the friggin phone call??  Barclays Bank used to be good but now are just CRAP - or is that all banks now?
And more to the point, why did i even bother to phone them back this morning...  but i did...  Some woman - Janet? - this time.  Started to say not their dept now as the missed payments now paid - That is what i'm ringing about, i said.   Well, bottom line?  They don't give a monkeys as long as i have enough room on my overdraft, just like their Customer Services - You have an overdraft?  You can afford it.   Could. Not. Care. Less.    Just like talking to a robot...and i told her so.   i had cancelled the direct debit to stop payments deliberately, wanting to renegotiate the loan - But they steamrollered their way in anyway...  so they obviously don't need my permission, they can take what they want anytime - as long as they don't exceed the overdraft limit.    So instead of using just over half of my overdraft on my account - it is now nearly 70% full.    Thanks a friggin lot, guys.   What is the point of trying to regulate my account and minimise outgoings as much as i can, if this is what they do?

Moral of the story - NEVER, NEVER, NEVER take out a loan, without payment insurance.   [Even though, i could not afford it at the time, i should have done it - and boy, am i paying for it now!]

Anybody want a fight???  i am SO in the mood....
Happy Friggin Valentines Day....


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Feb. 14th, 2007 01:10 pm (UTC)
Y'know this is why I NEVER use the 'big' banks anymore and use building societies. Not only are they open at the weekend, but your customer service manager is at your local branch and you can talk to them face to face. Have you thought about moving your account?

I had an awful time when I was at Lloyds and moved because they kept fucking up my account years ago. Since then we've used Nationwide and they are so terrific about everything. Overdrafts are very reasonable and if you go overdrawn they only charge you for the transactions that happen after you've gone overdrawn. This means only getting a charge of around a couple of pounds rather than the tens of pounds that banks charge.

Might be worth investigating? Sorry you're having such a crap day!
Feb. 16th, 2007 12:58 am (UTC)
i so hear you but at the moment no bank would touch me - i'm well into my overdraft until all this Benefit crap is sorted out..
Got screwed over royally by the Housing only paying retroactively... had to borrow money of an old mate to make ends meet - he doesn't care but I DO. Lovely boy... i so hate all this...
i keep saying to myself, it has to end sometime...
Feb. 14th, 2007 07:28 pm (UTC)
That's rotten! I'm having very similar trouble with the Abbey right now, so maybe it is all banks. They just don't care so long as they're getting their money. :(
Feb. 16th, 2007 01:00 am (UTC)
no, they don't... This however, was about the last straw - the sheer two-facedness of it all... they weren't concerned about the missed payments, they'd already got those back, what they were ringing about was my paying future payments... the bastards...
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