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Tuesday, 3rd July 2018

Tuesday is rubbish collection day for me, a two-fer on Blue & Green bin days.  i popped out to check all was going well [Blue bin done] and because i was up early today and the Green hadn't been done, i cut some of the rose bush back at the front.  It has flowered well and still has some buds on it to come but it needs a hard prune this year as it is all tall and leggy, so if it is to continue, it needs to bulk up quite a lot.  This rose is a nice sweet-smelling dark red but the one at the back door is pink. It does have a scent though not strong and not my favourite colour either. It has made up for that by flowering profusely this year, just covered in flowers.  i do chop that back a fair bit and need to make sure it is winning the fight with the ceanothus, which would bury it if i took my eye off it!
The back garden grass has just been cut but you'd not know it by the smell. It's so dry out there, it's all pretty much brown. i like the smell of cut grass.  i wish it would rain here, the ground is rock hard and not condusive to gardening, so the front only gets a slash and grab when the mood strikes.  i'm trying to get one of my neighbour's boys to come and clear out the rest [for some cash] but i have a feeling it will come to nothing. Not that i blame them; i wouldn't want to either!
i love DLA days - for a few days, i'm In The Money!  Doesn't last of course but the big bills get paid, so all good.  i also pay chunks off my credit card; such a blessing to have one for the the big stuff.  My Elder care payments went up this year and i guess £66-odd a quarter is good insurance but it's not cheap all the same.  It is compensated by the low rent i pay here, another blessing.  i hate money, or rather the lack of it.  They say money won't buy you happiness - i'd like to find out!  You can be pretty damn miserable without it, that's for sure.  i was never well paid when i was working, which leads me to the latest Friday Five.  *g*

1) Do you enjoy your work?
i did have the occasional job i liked and i liked some of the people i worked with. In Australia, there are so many different people, i didn't really stand out.  But when you have to work, you take what you can get; usually boring office jobs. You couldn't afford to be off for long and remember, you had to work usually a month before any money came in.  That's probably still the same but i don't think money was as tight now as it was then.  No debit or credit cards.  Debit cards came in when i was working in Australia in the later '80's, which meant you could access some cash out of working hours - such a blessing.  i didn't have a credit card for a long time until after i came back to UK, and what an amazing thing that was.

2) Are you overpaid or underpaid for the work you do (or last did)?
i was mostly underpaid, as were most of the office workers. It was an uneven struggle of too much work for the money, and how much more employers could make you do - without a rise or a bonus.  If you did actually get a rise, there was always more work added on.

3) What one thing do you dislike most about your work?
Most?  Having to work.  i would have liked more time to be able to choose work that interested me or gave some scope for stimulation.

4) What one thing would make your work life happier or more satisfying?
Being paid more than the bare minimum would have been good.  i never had much left over after rent, bills and food. Never enough to save any really.

5) Do you try to fit into your workplace’s culture? What does that entail?
That's an odd one - do workplaces have a Culture and what does that mean?  i went out for drinks with my fellow workers occasionally and even a group dinner but that was rare.  Even rarer when i came back to England, i simply didn't fit as i had nothing but the job in common with them - and man, were they clannish!!  'Grew up overseas, did you?  We didn't, so bugger off' - was i too 'posh' for them?  Who the fuck knows and i grew not to care more and more, and to be honest, i didn't like most of them anyway with their insular little minds.