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Sunday, 22nd July 2018

Greetings, fellow Journalisers!
i've had a look at the Friday Five but frankly none of it is relevant to me, so i won't bother this week.
It stays hot and so dry, the brown grass couldn't get browner.  A lot of places are having fires, which is alarming and a bit distressing.  Even areas you wouldn't think would be prone. i wait daily for the hosepipe bans, not that it will affect me as neither the Council nor i water the garden.  This week i was thinking of what i said to my Mum when i came back to live here, that it was bound to get warmer now that i had returned.  Y'see i LIKE cold weather and had revelled in the thought of cold winters and rain.  She thought that was pretty funny, but she wouldn't laugh now.
There's a lot of things connected to global warming that we need to be aware of now. i was watching HRH Prince Charles talking to Adam Frost on Gardeners World, about hot weather diseases and fungus that are now starting to threaten UK and how vital it was to stop people bringing back plants and seeds from other countries. Nobody knows just how dangerous that is.  There's a great need to protect and look after our native species, or face massive problems in the future.  A grim thought came to me, that in 40 years, i won't give a damn.  The world can go to hell in a wheelbarrow and i won't be here to care. Earth's residents always care too late to avoid serious problems - see all this plastic crap that is killing the wildlife and polluting the seas, and which will eventually kill us all if nothing is done to clean up the microplastic mess.
Sorry to be so gloomy but we can't avoid Earth's problems.
Let me leave you with some pretty/interesting pictures...

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