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Sunday, 16th December 2018

Well, my birthday and Christmas come so close together, i've always been a little disappointed at the long year without a break.  It matters so little nowadays as there's nobody to share either with and they've become pretty much just ordinary days.  i have friends in America who send me gifts to mark the days, otherwise i'd have nothing.  Don't feel sorry for me, i've been on my own for such a long time now, i'm so used to it.  Still, it's nice to have a little something - and trying to guess what they have sent me this year.  Jan started to 'get religion' over the last few years and one Christmas she sent me a few religious pamphlets - heaven knows why, as i have been so non-religious all my life.  Maybe she thinks she can convert me or some such!  *Don't waste your time, babe!*
Anyway, i noticed a different address on the Christmas gift and had to shoot off an email to alert them that my card and present will have gone to the wrong address.  i don't know how long it was they moved; maybe i missed that, don't know.  i will be damned annoyed if they don't get the present as i sent an 'art tin' this year along with a couple of other little things. The tin was not cheap and i won't be replacing it - mostly because the artist only makes one off items. i can manage another card, except it probably wouldn't get there until after Chtistmas now.  i just have to hope that either they manage to find the package or it is returned to me.  Annoying but more frustrating.
They weren't the only ones with a new address but fortunately, the other person's card arrived in time for me to send another one.  It can be quite the problem if they aren't on Facebook and i can't check.  Oh well, such are the little irritations of life - and i only found out yesterday on my birthday.
Turning 71 made me reflective, as you do!  i still find it hard to believe how old i am. Oh the brain is still the same but the body could do with a really in-depth MOT! i've just got to keep it going as long as i can - still intending to live a VERY long life, if not forever!  Anna's death didn't help the serious mood either.  i'm glad i have some younger friends, and barring accidents or serious illness, they should all outlive me.  Not so good for them but a hell of a better time for me!  i'm luck enough of them send me cards and i have two strings up now. :D
i was happy enough to visit the dentist for a check-up before Christmas and even happier for him to catch a small filling, which he did on the spot.  i'm good until June 2019 now - touch wood!


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Dec. 17th, 2018 08:50 am (UTC)
I missed your birthday as I’ve been ridiculously busy and all over the place! Belated best wishes.
Dec. 20th, 2018 02:08 pm (UTC)
Not a problem! Glad you're busy and enjoying life as always. i love reading your blog.
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