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Wednesday, 26th December 2018

And it's Boxing Day.  Bit grey but the forecast was for cloud and internittant sunshine. Looks a bit too set-in for any sunshine at 1.45 pm, not that i care very much, although i want to shake a couple of rugs outside.  i started a clean up on Christmas Eve and suspended any more yesterday, but i really need to get my floors done.  Or i will be knee deep in dust & dirt by the New Year!  You never know how much is on the floor until you go to pick stuff up, don't you?  Consequently, the lounge looks as though a bomb's hit it!
i had a nice Christmas dinner yesterday, with my little Turkey half-Crown, roast spuds, onions & carrots, peas and gravy. Very tasty though i say it myself. The beauty of a little roast is that it takes very little time to cook (hour & ten minutes) and the gas oven was the same temperature 190C needed to cook the little pigs-in-blankets in the last ten minutes. No stuffing; forgot until too late this year!
Not much else to say, except to wish you all the best over this festive season!