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Friday 16th February

Slightly better day today - very little happened...  No post.

Had to go sign in today, every fortnight - you have to go in person and sign a piece of paper, to prove you are still alive looking for work and promise to keep looking.   Checked over the job roster while i was waiting my turn, pulled off a couple to look at.
Just getting used to my parole um, case worker and today he tells me he is going to live in Australia on Sunday - no wonder he was so cheerful...  We grinned at each other and said how we like living in Sydney, he'd been there for three years before.  Wished him well and hopped on the bus to come home.

The Greek is staying out of my way... fine - just give me back my heater before you leave... i'm one step away from flooring the creep with a backhand... keep repeating, 'he's leaving SOON' -  :-]  lol

i had no sooner got back, put the kettle on - wrung out the milk carton for a cuppa - made a sandwich for lunch - phone rang.   'Hello?'  Tesco - something wrong with my order?  No, no, it's a problem with their server in-store and won't print off the home orders...  it will be fixed late today - it is ok if they deliver tomorrow - between 1-3pm?
'Bugger!' i cried, 'I'll have to go out and get some milk!' - so sorry, they will waive the delivery charge of course, as a gesture of goodwill.  i'll accept any gesture of goodwill, good housekeeping, good morning, Vietnam! at this stage...  Yes, i tell him, that's fine.   Have a quick rethink about dinner tonight...  i have a hamburger patty left, some sausages defrosting in the fridge - yes, couple of spuds left...  peas in freezer... that will do - oh some mushrooms left too - A Feast!!   *giggles to self*
Then i attacked a packet of Viennese Whirls...  Bad girl...

My head still hurts but i have clean hair, cut toenails and mascara on me eyelashes [must do a dye job on the eyebrows soon..] - takes more tablets... and contemplates having wonderful friends...
i found my James CDs - thankyouthankyouthankyou... and decided to send one to Nicola [Craig's wife] who has never heard him sing...  put Grave Peril on near the end to hear James' voice...   i feel better now...

Lynnie rang for a quick burble - half an hour later we are still at it...  We hang up laughing...   NCIS on tonight, like that.. and Vincent D'Onofrio after..  He makes such an impact in odd roles...  Remember 'The Cell' with Jay-lo?  He was amazing..  Wonder what he is going to do next?

Find i have two tickets to Union Chapel and wonder who i bought the second one for - send an email to Susie, was it you?  She will check her paperwork, she can't remember either...  If not her, then who?  i will have to put another name on it, for it to be used as it is JMLive...   Laura is having Lene's Talkback ticket for Collectormania but i don't have to change the name on that one - that i know of!

Start thinking of what i will wear in May...  i have a petrol blue top, long sleeves and a wide band of silver rings round the neck and down the front, looks a bit like chain main...  haven't worn that to anything the girls have seen.  Washed three other tops, i had almost forgotten i had - one a very pale yellow [need to wear something under that as it is virtually see-through], a grey & silver shot shirt and my old yellow silk shirt, Tessa made me in Sydney - sleeves are a bit long but i do love it...  have black velvet trousers & skirt - bottom halves not a problem...   James is only going to see me at Spring Fever & Collectormania [photos on two days] - the blue for SF maybe...   i will get to wear MY Team Brit t-shirt at last!  You guys wore yours in LA but i have had to wait to wear mine.  Lynnie & i will have a pic with James, together - and she bought me another for Christmas *blows kisses* - so i will have two with him and one with him & Lynnie on Saturday? or is it Sunday?  Anyway, i have one on Sunday too and a talkback ticket.   So need five tops, including the Team Brit.   Wish i still had my old jeans...  Couple of bags will do it, nothing will be very bulky - oh damn, i forgot shoes...  *goes off to contemplate shoes*

later, my dears

Have a wonderful weekend!


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(Deleted comment)
Feb. 17th, 2007 12:15 pm (UTC)
Will i or won't i?
Yeah, always a problem - what to take that won't involve taking a pack-yak?

i'm glad you can get such cheap coach tickets! that's pretty damn good. If i get the bus back from MK to Cambridge, it will cost me £5 - which makes me happy. Train to Yorkshire last time cost me around £60, urgh... There are good deals to be had out there, if you can find them.
i sent my tickets off to GNER [from my Hernia trip] and they sent me a £22 voucher [which i can use on any train company luckily] as a goodwill token. Appreciated that. i will probably use it to go to MK - if i flash my Railcard, i might be able to get two tickets for me & Sue, with only £2 extra to pay... That'll work...
Small things put a smile on your face, don't they? Glad something still can do that to me!!
Feb. 22nd, 2007 08:49 pm (UTC)
Will they let you have your pic taken with someone else? I'd like mine with my sisters...but they don't always allow it. :(

Lol at Viennese Whirls..you just happened to have those in? :D
Feb. 23rd, 2007 08:42 am (UTC)
Yes, they will but you both have to 'buy' the picture as they insist on actually giving you two. Don't know that they will allow more than two per picture though...

i know the girls managed to get their picture with James at the QM because they explained to Himber that they only needed one photograph, they would do the rest on computer. i defy anyone to know which is the real photo, if you print off on photographic paper, y'know?

LOL no, don't usually have lotsa biscuits as i tend to eat half a pack at once... i sometimes keep the plainer sweet ones so i can have a couple with late night pills.

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