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What the Hell happened then?

i was half way down a page of updating the Journal, when everything went screwy - lost the whole frickin' thing, no Gully-Gully, no mongoose, nada!
either we had a monster power surge, somebody attacked me or tried to fry LJ... but oh mama, how Bloody Annoying!!

i was just saying how i had a three-way talk on Messenger with my lovely ladies, both today and yesterday - Char and Vic and i was comparing them to drinks... lets see if i can remember, bloody hell....
ok, Char is a Champagne Cocktail in a proper champagne glass with a holow stem and a crusted sugar rim - not too good for a diabetic but classy... the brandy soaked sugar cube is the hidden depth charge in the good cold champagne, much like herself!
Vic is a uniquely Aussie mix of strength and vulnerability making her a Strawberry Daquiry with a lime slice - sweet and tart too [get that, hon? nudge, nudge!]
yes, i can make most of my mates into drinks.. wanna see me try? i'll pretend you said yes!
let's see - Susie, you're a Brandy Ginger - mostly for the colour and the fizz! we could rename it a Brandy Shimmy in your honour - if you saw this girl shimmy, you'd know what i mean!!
Kat - that's easy - you are a Black Velvet, champagne and Guinness or Stout - [smooth good champagne and a good Irish connection!]- also good for seasickness! so i am told... never been seasick in my life, not in all the years we did it..
French Daria - mmm, you'd be Absinthe maybe... spicy and dangerous, served on fire and too much can make you go blind! banned now of course...
Wordjazzer, my little Omaha mushroom... don't know you very well but i think you would be a nice cold glass of a good Chardonnay, frosty in the heat and very refreshing...
Spicy - i feel you would be Mulled Wine, a good strong red wine with sticks of cinnamon and some Cherry Brandy to taste - excellent on a cold night!
Annie - mmm, that's a tough one... i think you'd be a Speciality Beer with a creamy header, something with a bit of body to it...
ok more later - i gotta go see what is for dinner...