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Ever wished you were a drink can.....  (courtesy of Screencap Paradise)

been a better day today...  sold some items on Ebay, covered the cost of putting all that stuff up for sale.  Even some left over - not heaps but okay for now...  Funny, the stuff i thought would sell, didn't but i sold most of the stamps i put up...  4 out of 6 not bad..  i put up a load of Star Wars stuff - must have seriously gone off the boil.   In earlier times i wouldn't have had any problems selling those, but boy, has it changed now.   The only item i did sell was a Podracer!
The Conan comics sold, just waiting for money.. but the other five people have paid me already, so, cool...  i like PayPal.

i had fun putting it all on Ebay and had to make sure i put the right stamps in the right envelope tonight!  One lady bought two lots and i saw that, they were a few hours apart - so i was going to reduce the post charges.  Anyway, she beat me to it and paid in full for both, so i chucked in a couple of commemorative sheets for her, as a thank you.  Hope she likes them.

i have some books still up for sale and i have bids on two of them, so they will sell...  You really never know...  i want people to buy them, 'cos i don't want to throw them out mainly.  Yes, nice to have some cash but it is a very small amount and doesn't really reflect the value of the books.  i just hate getting rid, is all...

i will take my letters/parcel to the Post Office tomorrow, on my way up to see the Bint at the Jobcentre - not bothering to ring her, waste of time last Friday...  so just going.  Want my letter back, bitch...and sign the form, while i wait for it.   i am SO not leaving without it.   Having said that, of course, it will be her friggin day off... 

i was going to watch 'I, Robot' again tonight and see if it made more sense the second time round... but came across an epi of 'Criminal Intent'  [with the yummy Vincent] that i hadn't seen.  Watched that and saw that 'Jerico' was on next.  i'd heard a little about that - that it was too dark to appeal to more than a tiny section of USA - but it was well into the series?? don't know how many epis were made.  It's post apocalypse of some sort, nuclear? odd, anyway - very disjointed and not the sort of epi you could watch as a stand-alone...  so not much made sense.   Pity.  i'll stick with Supernatural...

Thank heavens, i watch so little on Sky One - loath the Simpsons and i guess i will catch up with more Dresden some time but of the two episodes i've seen so far, will not make me clamour for more...'Bones' has become quite popular, so that won't be hard to find.  So all in all, won't miss it...


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Mar. 5th, 2007 04:18 pm (UTC)
Yummy pic. :) I can't get my head around EBay...can never find anything!
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