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ok, so it's Monday...

all good things come to an end - the Uberbitch comes back off holiday tomorrow... *sigh* damn it has been good without her... my colleague won't be sorry as she has been holding down the fort and she's still pretty new, inspite of the fact she is mouth on very young legs... [i gotta tell you 'pretty' is not a word you would associate with her, she is amazingly plain but i have the feeling she is female inside, somewhere... she seems to have spent a fair time with the boys trying to be one...] - anyway, i expect Madam will be glowering across the desk in the morning, smiles breaking out only when she is on the phone to various mates dscribing her holiday in detail to each one... we will have lived it for the six or seventh time by the end of the day and goddess knows how many be the end of the week! i only pray it was a good one, last time she had lost luggage and the endless hours she spent tracking it down...!!! she eventually got someone to find it and we were exhausted.... i wouldn't mind so much but she has one of the most penetrating voices i have ever heard and it peals across the office at full volume, like some rowdy out of control radio station and nobody can find the remote to turn it down!
gad... i think i will go back to describing people as drinks... it's a lot less wearing on the brain!
where did i get to...
my sweet Cazocat, i was leaving you to the last, the final but by no means least drink to savour... hard to find a drink to typify you, i guess it would need to be sweet but not cloying, strong and gentle, the sort of drink you never want to stop drinking, it is too good to end... you can drink others but they are not the same and you come home to this one, happily and willingly. i could drink you all day and for the rest of my life, so you would have to be 'my' drink and not a drink of your own, but that would mean you were Southern Comfort with coke and plenty of ice. Or Baileys over ice, a double in a pint glass topped up to the brim with cold milk [semi-skimmed!], i can drink that for hours and never get drunk. i can drink SC&C for hours too but i eventually fall off my stool in the end...

don't you just hate it, when you are so drunk you have to walk up and down the hallway to sober up enough to go to bed? cause if you lie down, the room spins and you are in danger of tossing your cookies all over the Oriental... the last time i did that was drinking Tequilla Sunrises.. gone drinking with my flatmate and a couple of galpals and the manager of this bar in a hotel was an old family friend of flatmate's... he took a shine to us and my boobs and told the barman to keep 'em coming, on him... i literally lost count... me!
But i was young, sexy as hell, dressed for hunting in a cross-over top with boobs well on display [hadn't seen anything i fancied so i was getting well pissey arsed and i let him have a damn good feel... just the boobs!] what the hell, he paid for our taxi home...
mmm, where did that come from? oh yes, i was telling Char about it last week, the Tequilla Sunrise set me off.. this memory is nearly 27 years old... i was Bad, sometimes!

Friends as Drinks - not many men in my friends list - but one head and shoulders above the rest, my 'brother' Mark. you should have been my brother, i do love you. You are the drink you can no longer have, a good rich Rum with ice or a good Whiskey - you only got rotten drunk if you mixed your drinks.... except for the night you and one of the Henderson Mob, Paul? decided to try and drink me under the table - i had to drive you home, you don't remember what i looked like as i started to get well lubricated! and i guess you never will now *grins*

ok back to the ladies, Joan one of my oldest friends, she likes gin but it depresses her [of course it does, it's a depressive!] and i would prefer her to be her happy self, so we will make you a refreshing Spritzer - there's Sandy, I-Ying, that's my girl! you liked the Chinese best on reflection, didn't you.. are you still married? what a woman!! - a sexual Disneyland - married 3 times before she was 30, two sons both great kids, Robert and Lee [Squiddy, pet, you'll be a man now, what, early thirties, impossible... you are always 6 or 7 in my memory]... she will always be 'Cardy & Coke, won't you, m'dear?
then there's MAUD.. my oldest mate, where are you now? did you go back to Australia after little brother Murray died... he was a sweet boy. we lost so many to AIDS, didn't we? lovely boys.. i'm guessing you did, unless there was a good reason to stay in NZ - goddess, the booze we sank together.. one of my earliest flatmates from my early twenties, we go way back - you can't find me now Ma has died.. when we drifted apart and were in different parts of the country or countries, you always called Ma to find out where i was and we'd start up again with no break... She liked you a lot. Your sons Simon, Morgan and daughter Sarah, all grown up now - we shared so much, i knew which nights your children were conceived... poor Peter, your ex, also gone now. You survived it all - where are you?
goddess only knows what drink you'd be! maybe i'd have to let you pick your own - i'd settle for a good robust NZ red, i think.
i come back to the present and look around me, half expecting to see you all and i miss you... funny, i didn't keep in touch with many girls i went to school with, only Mary who went with her parents to South Africa and eventually married out there to McCloud? something like that; you run out of things to talk about after a few years. They scattered over the world when we all left Aden. i remember some names but i have no idea where they are, and if i'm honest i don't really care, curious to see what some of them would look like, i guess - did they get old, like me?
man, this turned into a really maudlin reflection, didn't it? and i am totally sober, damn it! my brain is softening i think!
they say as you get older you remember parts of your life in such clarity, it is startling and i think they are right - talking about these people, i can see them so clearly and the places we went to and lived in. What was it Ogden Nash said? "so, come and kiss me, girlie, is my brain getting *something!* bad? or simply rotting early?"

i want to quote Leigh Hunt here, [with apologies]

"He kissed me
jumping from the chair he sat in
Time, you thief, who love to get
things into your list, put that in.
Say i'm bad, say i'm sad
say that health and wealth have missed me
say i'm growing old, but add
James kissed me"

[goddess, i hope so!]
only 34 days to go now and i will be on holiday! i am so longing for it and dreading it at the same time...
all good things take forever to get here, then grab you up and hurl you along at breakneck speed and then drop you, gasping in their wake, when it's over.... leaving you to wonder what happened and how did it go so fast? if you are lucky, you have some photos [ok LOTS of photos!!], a signed picture or two, a couple of wonderful prints, memories of super people who shared it with you and goddess willing, bruised lips! from all the people you kissed hello and goodbye... some memories to share with good friends and maybe a couple of new friends too... and then what?
well, in this case, 'Halloween' in London, with some of the same superb people a few weeks later!! goddess only knows how i will afford that! i'll find a way... it should help soften the blow and the adreneline crash... i have been known to cry when i leave the aura of James... i sat on the wall outside the Pasadena Center in the cool evening air, fighting tears because i didn't want to go and leave him there, still inside signing autographs, inspite of the fact he had to be up early as he was still shooting 'Buffy'...

well i hope to see more of him in Oakland, his Glorious Hotness! what a lovely man, passionate, alive and vital, glowing with energy and trying to return some of the 'love' to his faithful and adoring fans, count moi in there.. it must be a relief to hug and kiss some of us and not just the pretty ones, he seems to be such a tactile person -i so understand - Ma told me not to touch people when i was a teenager, 'some of them don't like it' - i never did understand that one... i love hugging and kissing, putting my hand on an arm to show affection and to draw someone's attention in a familiar way.. allowing myself the luxury of being myself for once, away from work.........
i must get organised and sort out the timetable as we have a few variables in the mix now... enough i think, any more will be an overload...
ok i am now going to go have a drink, i'm parched and it is getting late... *mmm, they're all asleep by now - you have bored them all to it!* well, i guess this journal is mostly for me - it won't yawn on me and listens so prettily to me!
so goodnight and delicious dreams to you all
*blows a kiss and tiptoes away....*

good night, luvs


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Jul. 31st, 2004 11:31 am (UTC)
Thank you for the friending me sweetie!
I have to say that I love how you named drinks for your friends. I fully expect after you meet me in Oakland that you will come up with a drink for me. As long as it's not something like "a buttery nipple" that would make me go "huh?" LOL! Anyway, I'm on to your next entry to post. I promise not to comment on all your entries... Mwahahah!
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