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Talking about guns and stuff on CDS

i was absolutely fascinated by this discussion on guns & violence...  Hearing both sides of the fence as it were and the common denominator response that firearms do need strict regulation and control, i don't think even the most ardent supporter of pro-gun lobby would disagree with that.

i've put my long rave on my LJ as there is no easy answer or quick fix to this problem.  You can read it if you are interested

i thought i would add my 2p for what its worth [no pun intended].

i grew up in a violent atmosphere of terrorism, death and mayhem in the early '50s which continued on and off, until the late '60s, when i was about 18.  My father was always armed as a commissioned police officer and i thought that was normal.  We had other guns in the house, air rifle, shotgun etc but as a child, i never saw them as a rule - except for my mother tucking the shotgun under one arm and carrying a kerosene lamp with the other, going round checking security at night when my father was away on army/police patrols in the jungle.

i didn't fire a handgun until i was six and that was a lesson in noise, weight and control.  Sounds strange i know but we needed to know what they were and my father believed in prevention, not cure.  i had already seen dead bodies at the age of 3 [they were in plain sight in a public area] and grew up knowing death was a living breathing thing, not some theoretical idea...  i was terrified of the dark and had nightmares for years, that scared adults in later times.    None of my nightmares had guns, by the way.   i found them comforting...  *children are tougher than you think!*

i'm telling you this, so you can see the background i speak from and understand when i tell you my opinion - that guns can be very necessary.  i am quite sure the fact my father was an excellent shot and came in the top three every time of the annual army/police competitions, coupled with an attitude of 'shoot first, ask questions after' helped keep him [and us] alive.  You would think twice before breaking into our house...

It is a direct opposite situation today and i have always held the belief that the general public should not under any circumstances be given free reign to own guns - as a rule, nobody hunts to live nowadays.  Gun clubs?  c'mon, guys, they're not play things, they're designed to kill.  i don't care if it is an Olympic sport - it should not be.  You want to learn to shoot?  Why? What are you planning on killing? You can always join the Army, i guess and harness that urge to do violence into something useful.  i think also you would be surprised just how many of the European police forces are armed, indeed worldwide now, also Australian [New Zealand now?].

But that said, i believe also you should be allowed to have them, if you live in areas where protection is necessary - not desirable, necessary.   You would need to learn how to use one then and a police or Army controlled range can be available.

i don't like guns but if only half of what you see on television is true, i would not live in America without one...

There is no easy answer or quick fix to this problem.  Violence [u]is[/u] the last resort and few crimes are worse than the taking of a life.   And at the risk of opening a new can of worms, yes, i believe in the death penalty - for the most basic reason, that it is a powerful deterrent.

i also think that the gang culture that has evolved over the years, on both sides of the Atlantic, is a nasty new wrinkle but many of these young kids have no idea what they are doing until it is too late.  Their brothers and friends perpetuate the dreadful cycle and if it isn't broken, the youngsters seem to come to believe it is normal and even okay to kill so casually.  Appalling...

What one has to bear in mind is simple.  You pick up a gun, you must be prepared to use it  - and face the possibility of killing someone.  And if you think you could never kill someone, think again - anyone, under extreme circumstances, is capable of it.  It is the last defence mechanism and we all have it.   No?  A man is killing your child/wife/husband/best friend, you are going to stand there and watch, yeah?  i believed my mother [the most peaceable woman i know] quite capable of killing to protect us and still do.  We all have our 'buttons', believe me.

i don't need a gun in the UK - yet - and i'm a lousy shot...  but i could probably kill you with a fork....   *falls of chair laughing*

'ava good one, guys...

ETA  btw, didn't get any of the jobs i went for interviews....   bugger....