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Ho hum...

You Are Mint Green
"Balanced and calm, you have mastered the philosophy of living well.
Your friends seek you out for support, and you are able to bring stability to chaotic situations.
You're very open and cheerful - and you feel like you have a lot of freedom in life.
Your future may hold any number of exciting things, and you're ready for all of them!"

Considering i don't do 'green' per se, this is surprising...  But it is nice to know...

So...  It has been one of those quietly odd weeks again, when not much happened at the beginning of the week and then had one or two lots of things happening on the last couple of days - and it was the same the week before.
i send off job applications, get some responses like 'we have received them and will get back to you', occasionally never to heard from again and some once in a while a response, 'no thanks' and even rarer - 'come in for an interview on such & such a day'.   Mind you, even a week when i have had THREE interviews, can result in abso-bloody-lutely zip.   But it does keep happening.
i wasn't sure if i wanted to laugh or kill my Jobcentre contact when he said - no , not joking - "why do you think you aren't getting a job?"   i looked at him long enough to make sure he wasn't having a laugh and said, equally seriously, "If i knew that, sunshine, i would be employed..."   I ASK YOU!!  what a noddy...   Seriously, i think it is a combination of things - Do not believe anyone who tells you age discrimination is gone, it's a bloody lie...  second, a large number of prospective employers don't want to employ people who are close to 'retirement' [who can afford to???]  - what does irritate me is that who is to say that the 30 year old dolly they choose, won't leave them in 5 years time anyway??   So that little bit of logic dies an ignominious death...
ANYWAY... Thursday last - Finally had the electric man in to change the card metre to a key metre - only took him ten minutes and he credit £10  on the key, which i appreciated, as they were late installing it and the rate had come down a couple of weeks ago.  Friday - down to the doctors for blood tests [glucose & cholestral (can't remember how to spell it!) and then over to Chesterton Road to sign in at the Jobcentre.   Sat on the bus, thinking about them all waiting to see James and wishing i was there...   Jude & Mary over there of course, then spending a week holidaying.   Hope they had a wonderful time and i'm sure they did.  
This week was just the same, nothing much happening.  i have been selling stamps and books on EBay and walking up to the Post Office to send them off, so haven't been doing nothing, if you get my drift.  Today is Thursday and i have had a Tesco order delivered, just in the nick of time before i went out!!    i had an interview at the Grafton Centre Management office and i took the bus to Parkside and walked up from there.  Beautiful sunny day but it would be very damp and windy in winter, but buses call in there all the time so not a huge problem.  It went ok.   Nothing spectacular and there will be a second interview stage.  The woman i would be working with barely smiled, asked very few questions and on her reactions alone, i would be astonished if i got any further.  Her boss, the Centre Manager was much more approachable and friendly...  but i doubt if it will go.
Came home for lunch and as i walk down to the kitchen, Begonia & Alex were having lunch at the kitchen table as they do frequently when they're home together - guess who was sitting having a coffee with them, large as fuckin life??  Yup, the Demented Greek.   i ignored him after saying hi to the guys, taking my lunch out of the fridge.   DG said, Excuse me, madam...  i turned and looked at him?  Did i have a key to the rooms?  what?  No.  what does he think, i am going to run the house?  i ignored him again and he burbled on to them, in an angry tone...  no idea what that was about.   What's it to him, anyway?  he's not coming back.
i went out a couple of hours later and got my hair trimmed...  She's charging me more now...  £14 to cut off two inches of hair...  mmmmm.... i'll wash it tomorrow, before i nip off to the dentist to have the temporary filling replaced from the previous crown.  
Oh, had a letter from the doctors about the blood tests, they wanna redo them...  for heavens....   So fast from 10pm Sunday and go down first thing Monday.  Apparently levels are up and they're not sure, so redo them and then check again.  They want to monitor me as my Dad died from Ischaemic Arterial disease [clogging of arteries] and Ma had age-onset diabetes.   i have to remember to get my next lot of pills in early as i will be away in London the week i normally would get them, so get the prescription ordered week today.   i have to go in to the Jobcentre week tomorrow for my 13 week meeting - not sure what that will accomplish...  as long as the money keep coming in, i don't give a monkeys where it comes from.
You all still awake???   'cos it's putting ME to sleep....!!!

12 days to GO!!!  Can't wait.   Must get my clothes sorted SOON.    9 DAYS ON MONDAY...  

That's from Collectormania last time...  just to get me in the moooooood.....  yahoo!


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(Deleted comment)
Apr. 20th, 2007 10:03 pm (UTC)
My commiserations to your SIL, i know how she feels but if i were to do a temp job, it wouldn't be enough to pay the bills... would have to have two or even three... i feel exhausted just thinking about it!
i'm not proud, just give me enough to live on and save a little in my James piggybank... ANY job, don't care what it is...
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