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Monday 23rd April...

Just 9 days to go, my dears...

i am not organised in the least but i'll get to it shortly...  story of my life.

i'm still getting the odd interview - if they don't know how old i am...  but it's the same result.  If they are going to second or not...  i don't get the next stage, i get a 'thanks but no thanks'  very carefully  worded, of course...  goddess forbid there might  be some sort of comeback on them for age discrimination.   But it is there.
i went for one last Thursday - same story...  two person interview, boss man and lady i'd be working with  [the reason given usually is one woman must be there for equality, they say] he was ok but she hardly uttered and barely cracked a smile...  haven't heard yet but  it will be the same result...

Pffft....  i must iron my dress and the tops i'm thinking of taking to London - may not take all but it is hard to know what to wear - cold or hot...  so think onion and layers.   i will finally get to wear my Team Brit t-shirt!!  and Lynnie & i will finally get to share a James sandwich, at Collectormania...  i want to see Avery Brooks and Rene Auberjonois for a start and then we'll see.
i've booked a Shopmobility scooter for the weekend, much kinder to the legs and a mobile place to sit down - brilliant! and £15 for the weekend she says...

Have to repeat the bloods for the glucose & cholesterol tests, too high Doctor says... average for cholesterol not above 5% and mine is 6.3 - trying to remember what the other was same sort of result, i think, slightly above the average...  so down this morning, fasting from last night.  Make an appointment to see Doctor when i come back from London, as tests won't be back before Friday.

See.. my mind is all over the place... flitterbug...

where was i...


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Apr. 23rd, 2007 11:20 pm (UTC)
My sister's cholesterol is the same! Just found out the other day. We were quite shocked...she's wont to eat a whole bag of doughnuts in one go, but not any more. They haven't given her tablets though which surprised me. My other sister is on tablets. My cholesterol is okay, about the only thing about me that is! :(
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