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Yay, almost here!!

So, last update till i return next Tuesday...  This just in from IE?IFMag Creation ents


Still waiting for landlord who promised to come yesterday [dirty bugger] but still no show and its 23.14 in the blessed PM...
Had an odd happening yesterday - i heard banging on our front door and ignored it, thinking all of us have keys and if it is the Demented Greek, he can stand there till doomsday... But #1 let this guy in - said he asked for me - actually brought him down through the house to my damn door!! [i will have words with him when i see him next!!] - just some strange guy wanting to look at the vacant room - but what is odd is that he was rabbiting on about me having to phone the landlord and saying repeatedly he had the money...  LIKE I CARE??  And no tenant would give me the money anyway, as first you have to go through the credit checking crap etc...  Odd little man and one that i would not entertain for a second either - very lank greasy-looking hair *shudders delicately*   i was just about to eat and told him it would be a whistle stop tour and i practically had to shove him out of the door, still urging me to ring the landlord...   Which i did - to find he had no idea what i was talking about...Maybe he just went on the Room Vacant sign.  Looking back on it, i'm sure he had the wrong house... Next door have a room vacant too and i am sure there are several others in this same road.   Ugh!

So! i am pretty well packed - black skirts & pants [with a blue top for Spring Fever], yellowy-cream & silver/grey tops and a couple of non-crease dresses - a B&W with a fancy neckline [with my navy jacket] for tomorrow night at the Bordello and a plain black shirtwaister [i wore that to Words & Music] for Saturday at CM11 for the photos [i can sling the Team Brit t-shirt over it for one photo]...  long sleeved tee and warm jacket to top off...  only 3 pairs of shoes - aren't i good?   Full complement of knickers and bras and some black lace-top stay-up stocking for the dresses...  i think i am just about done...
i've stashed a couple of bottles of vino and a bottle opener - i'm packing some extra coffee & sugar too, these hotels never have much...  'specially the Travelodges...
Our first hotel, the Elena apparently boasts a restaurant and online reports of good breakfasts...  good... i always try and eat well at breakfast, cuts down on the lunches and lasts till we eat after concerts, events whatever...  Just have to make sure you carry water or whatever you drink...

i hadn't a clue what to give James for a gift this time - Lynnie & i are still working on our magnum opus...  But i had a sort out of knick-knackery and decided to get rid of all the Star Wars little figures i had - *brainwave*  One is Boba Fett...   Yup, give 'em all to James...  He can decide if he will keep one or two or just give 'em to the kids or whatever...  At least they won't get thrown away...  and a little red letterbox and an ammonite from the Scarborough coast...  
*i was going to give him a rather super little carving of a dragon sitting on a man's skull, carved in mammoth bone but i can't find the damn docket...  that is the only thing that proves it is mammoth bone...  shitfuckdamnblast and bugger....*  another time, if i can find that thrice accursed docket...
Got the paper sleeves from 'Summer Knight' carton, 'Chance' and 'Cool Money' for him to sign - if there are no new photos for sale and if i don't like any of the photos i have taken at MK...   Jude said there were no new pics at Grand Slam... doesn't surprise me but there should for a major like this...   i will put them up here if there are...

Well, i think that about covers it... All my paperwork [train ticket, hotel reservations, event tickets & photo ops, maps etc etc], toiletries & new toothbrush, pills topped up, little hairdryer and some little gifties i bought for keepsakes for the girls over a year ago, for this specific purpose!  i get them when i see them...   Taxi ordered for tomorrow morning, Mobile phone topped up, Oyster card charged up - have i forgotten anything??  probably but can't think what...  Cameras, battery chargers...  journal, pens - what else?  always something... just have to hope it isn't vital!

That's it...   Goodnight and sleep well...     See you all there...  *waves to Ditto, Kazzy Cee, Vampgaia, UKChris & Sami*


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(Deleted comment)
May. 9th, 2007 06:28 pm (UTC)
Hello, Lala!
Were you the cutie with the great t-shirts?? Are you in the picture above? Didn't get your name... But yes, i enjoyed it a lot and from what i have gathered so far, so did most of the others.
The sound was good enough for the back rows but the viewing was as abysmal as ever... just raise the damn stage! That screen was an absolute waste of time - tell them that, petal and maybe the cries of horror that the ROOM will be used again....
We went to listen to first to Billy Boyd's band and then Tony Head sing... unless you were within 20 feet, you might just as well as forget it. But we persevered for Tony and left to go to dinner as soon as he finished. Some went back for a drink afterwards but with not a lot of seating, an inability to dance for more than 10 minutes and general tiredness, staying on didn't do a lot for me personally. Some of our party were quite happy however.
Stay well and i'm sure we will meet again...
(Deleted comment)
May. 10th, 2007 11:53 am (UTC)
Great Tees!! i enjoyed them a LOT!
i will look out for you next time i come and Donna, Jo, Belinda, Mara and all the other super gals who were there - such a pleasure to see you all. Just like old homes week!!
Take care, y'all!!
May. 13th, 2007 05:44 am (UTC)
I had two original Boba Fett's back in the day...wish I'd kept them to give to James...they're worth more than a grand now. :(
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