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Do you like my new Avi?  Mine but taken by Sue... James talking to me on Sunday.

Another busy day ahead of us…

We had 11.30am photos with James this day and I rang Lynnie to co-ordinate our shared photo, bearing in mind Lynnie & Chris had a shared one too…  So Susie & I got down there and after collecting the scooter, Sue stopped off to buy Mark Lutz some cookies and me too, the pet…  *Yummy, they were too…*

I think Mark was quietly blown away by her gift and was delighted to meet a new fan.  I got busy with the camera to commemorate the occasion and was pleased with the results…

Then it was time to join the photo line -  I stayed with Sue until it was her turn to go in and then I sat and waited until L&C got up to me.   Then I sat on the little wall until it was our turn.   I could see James having pictures taken and I went in – I told the assistant I had two to take and I could see Malcolm, the photographer, was as wound up as a spring…  he told the assist to make sure to tell him how many he was taking at a time.  James welcomed me and I told him we had two to take and that I would just put the t-shirt over my head for the second one.  He said something about checking with the steward and I said, it's fine – then we had our little cuddle photo and I dropped my jacket on the floor and pulled the t-shirt over my head.

Malcolm just panicked and said You step back and you come – as it turned out, to Chris [i stand corrected], who obligingly stepped in and he took one of her, then saying okay, next – but of course, she said no, as she had one with Lynnie and then her own.   So in the end, the silly twat seriously fucked up for nothing.

I was ready by this time and stepped back up to James (who took one look at the Team Brit tee and said 'Right on!' as he'd had the Team Brit Experience! in LA – Lynnie was going to wear hers but grabbed the wrong one in her rush) and called to Lynnie and we had our James Sandwich…  I grabbed my stuff and shot out the other side.

What I didn't know was that Malcolm had only taken the one shot – and should have taken two, as we had both been charged for the photo.   With me so far?  yeah?  damned if I was!!  But more on that later.

Lynnie had her pics with James and then Chris – didn't see the pics until MUCH later that afternoon, they were so slow getting them back to us.  We had to check our bags etc every time we did this and then retrieve them after the shoot… very tedious.

I had a word with Louise when I came out and she said Malcolm's record was 700 in an hour.  I said he should had concentrated less on the world speed record and more on not overexposing his photos…  He'll give himself a heart attack if he keeps on like that.   Anyway, done.  *We were told when we picked up these pics that they had SO MANY complaints about the Saturday pics, they had to ask Malcolm to move his flash back and stop bleaching the photos… some professional he is, huh??  NOT…*

Large auto queue for James again but not I thought, as big as Saturday – not a lot in it though…  We were lucky again when we went to see about the numbers, we were again able to join the current queue and were not given a virtual ticket, though we had a longer wait this time.  Still there was the little marble wall to sit on, so no panic.   I had my photo from Saturday for James to sign and I was in control this time, much better to say 'Hi James' in confident tones.   He said he liked the photo and I pulled a face.  He laughed, I said 'See you later' and he said was I coming to the Talk and I said yes, he smiled and I moved over for Sue.   She took some very nice ones, even of moi…well done, you.

What is nice about James [of the many nice things!], is that if he likes it, he will say so but if he doesn't he won't say anything…but will talk about something else.

Sue and I took the opportunity to go around the other side of the mall to see if the pics were ready yet - but all the 'Allo Allo peole were there, to my delight.  So she shot down to see how the pics were going and i went to across to meet Guy Siner and Arthur Bostrom - the ones i wanted to see most, sitting side by side.  I got autographs with both of them and they very kindly waited until I got sorted with my camera - card full!!  But I got it done and they were lovely...   *I had quite a chat with Mr Siner and sent him the one we had taken*

We'd all split up again for various reasons before the pictures came out and just as I was about to leave myself, they arrived.  So i just took what there was with me. *Boy, i won't do that again!*  Ginger came with me & Sue and we returned to the Hotel. 

We regrouped when we went over the road or rather under it to the Hockey Stadium once more.  I had got in fast enough to get Group B tickets behind the Gold Tickets but had no idea where we were going to be.  I was lucky to be included in the lift group and I got on the middle aisle.  I had to laugh Jude & Mary were in the seats in front of me… Spent the talk, photographing James round Jude's head!   No biggie, HappyMeal was on the other side of the aisle from me and got some wonderful shots.  Sue managed a fourth row seat, I was happy to see…  Chris & Lynnie were in my row to my right and some of Chris' photos are divine – still waiting on most of Lynnie's – poor love, RL is a sodding cow…

James & Steve did the funniest double act leading into James' Talk and a lot of it has already not only been written down but lots of video clips have come up on YouTube…  wish someone would string them all together AND SEND ME A COPY!!!

I haven't been able to work out how to download from that, I have tried…

Any how, I will put in a couple of the cropped pics I have done so far [all of them are on Snapfish now but need work]…

The Talk was worth the whole weekend…


I had been asked if I would sort out something for Dinner as this would be the last night so many of us were together.  I must admit I was hesitant about doing so as the last time was such a bloody hassle and I had not done anything before hand here, for that reason.  I would have arranged the Dinner in London, to include more people… But I realised that the Silk Road Restaurant was in the same block as the Travelodge.  There was something for everyone and they also had an all-you-can-eat buffet for less than £12, so I booked for a conservative 20-30 people…  What??  We wound up with over 40 after Halloween…

However, about half? decided they couldn't wait and ate early – before ASH and my table was booked to be after…  We still managed a respectable fifteen for dinner later.

We all turned up to see Tony Head but it was like the night before – several rows of people standing in front of the stage already and only the stage speakers on.  We sat at the nearest table – thinking about it now, we should have just picked the table up and moved it closer to the stage.  We could hear the songs, just saw damn all. 

Tony was a bit late coming on stage – probably due to running round in circles trying to work out just what he was going to perform.   We had asked his team earlier in the day, what sort of a set he was planning [they said TWO] and Ginger had done the same when she saw him and asked him what he was going to do and he'd said so many people had come up to him during the day, saying they were looking forward to his CONCERT, it freaked him out.  

Tony then decided to try and put some more songs together and explained onstage what had happened.  He said if he messed up the songs, missed off words or just got it wrong, just stick a marshmallow on the fire and ignore it!

When he missed out a verse of the first song – one of my favourites, 'I can't stand the rain' – we were going to present him with a packet of marshmallows the next day but unfortunately he wasn't doing any more.   I've still half a mind to post them to his manager!

Our early dinners arrived around the second song and dropped bags etc and dashed down to the front to see him.

We were happily listening, when a group of people walked in and my jaw dropped as I recognised Avery Brooks, George Hertzberg, Mark Lutz – Michael Montgomery and Zack Gillian? bringing up the rear, with various minders etc…  As soon as they were close enough, I couldn't resist calling 'Good Evening, Mr Brooks!'   He waved his fingers at me and I was just going to berate George for ignoring us, when I realised the girls were staring at me…  Not ME actually but Avery Brooks, who had walked around the table and was standing behind me!   I followed their eyes and turned to see him standing there… He held out his hand to me and I took it, say something to the effect of 'God, I'm so sorry, I didn't see you come round!!'  He just smiled and walked off.  I nearly fell off my chair…and berated the girls for not telling me sooner – Ginger said it wasn't every day she saw someone blow off Avery Brooks!  I said, 'I'm never going to live this down, am i???'   They all laughed at me and said 'NO!'

James had come too, I heard later, but went round the side way, so he could hear Tony and didn't come into the room at all.  It would have taken the attention off Tony and was typically thoughtful of James…  Bet they had a couple of beers after though.

We waited until Tony had finished and I think George joined him onstage for a bit.  *Michael Winslow did a set after we left and which apparently went down like a lead balloon...*
It was just about the time of our dinner and I went with some of the ladies, to make good my  booking; the rest to follow as they wanted [give 'em their due, they weren't long behind us].

The Silk Road got their wires crossed slightly but sorted tables quickly and we had just got organised, when the other gals arrived.   We ordered some wine, sussed the buffet table and got stuck in – and very nice too.  Most of us went back for seconds.  They also did a smaller dessert table.

We had a lot of laughs and were enjoying our dinner, just about getting to the end of it, when a large party of people came in.   I couldn't believe my eyes – George, Mark, Montgomery & Winslow and yes, Avery Brooks came and sat at the large round table next to us!!!  The minders, managers and girlfriends/wives or whatever were also there and made quite a party.  The way the staff rushed around, they had to have booked but Avery was definitely controlling the party.

I had just decided to crawl under the table but restrained myself in time and decided to pretend I hadn't seen AB…

When we had finished our dinner, I rose to my feet and clinked my glass for attention.   I took my glass in hand and said, "Ladies, I am known for my after-dinner speeches [joke, I'm not] but tonight I am going to keep it brief!  I am just going to flash my left boob at you [doing so as I spoke, revealing my tattoo] and give you the toast, the Sisterhood of James!"

I sat down to laughter & applause, it did the trick.  I was thanked in return for setting up the dinner by Nancy et al and we called for the bill and settled up – Dinner for 15 with wine and drinks, just under £200 - very reasonable and very nice…

As we rose to leave, I said quietly to them all, "Will you do me a favour?  On the count of three, will you all say 'Goodnight, Mr Brooks'??  They all nodded, smiling and I counted one, two, three and a lovely loud chorus rang out!  It was beautiful!!

We all laughed and left – Avery apparently tried to pretend he hadn't heard but couldn't stop smiling…

*Winslow, I also heard later, was not pleased!  Not only had his act not been appreciated, but here he was totally ignored for Avery!*  Snerks

Most of the ladies went off to the Hotel but some wanted to par-tay!! and we went back to the CM Party.  There was music to dance to and I know quite a few kicked up their heels quite happily.   It was Nicky/Buffy2K's birthday the day before and they were celebrating.  I was quite tired and didn't want to sit on my own, though I did talk to a couple of ladies, standing up and me?  not mix-y things..  So I told Sue I was off, said goodnight and took off.   

The final Act of the night, as I crossed the parking lot, was the HUGE white stretch limo outside the Silk Road  yes, they were all getting into it!  So I pretended I couldn't see them – truth be told, I couldn't see who was in and who was out…and just walked up the steps into the Hotel!

I spent some time sorting and re-packing my bags as it was our last night there and I was getting a lift home with Jude, the next day.   I'd asked how she wanted to work it and it was a case of leave your bags with me and they went in her car for the day.  I put Chris & Lynnie photos out for them to collect the next day, with Chris' Jacques – who had been socialising with my JJ & Cousin Grizz…

I was just sitting down to write a bit in my journal [poor thing was DAYS out of date and I never did get it done!] but I was so exhausted, I just couldn't concentrate – then Sue arrived back from the party.    Madam, I am surprised you could find your way home… we spoke a little, but she was falling asleep sitting up, then she simply curled up and went to sleep in her clothes!  I tried not to giggle and put the light out.


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May. 20th, 2007 07:58 pm (UTC)
Heh! I luf your reports! We went to the Silk Road but they wouldn't let us in...I think we looked too disreputable...
May. 20th, 2007 11:15 pm (UTC)
They wouldn't?? how odd, what time did you go there? They were shutting officially about 10pm i think...

Glad you are enjoying the reports, petal...
May. 22nd, 2007 09:43 pm (UTC)
Oh we were too late then...took us ages to find it!
(Deleted comment)
May. 20th, 2007 11:20 pm (UTC)
Yeah, got the impression James didn't like him much... And there were a lot of people who complained about the Saturday over-exposures.
i have corrected the report btw, glad i got it sorted - couldn't see what he was doing when i changed tops...
That woman was pretty rude, wasn't she?? nasty cow... i'm glad you got him sorted eventually.. i'd like to see the pic you had done with Lynnie? Will you put it on your website?
When i found out what that twat of a photographer had done, i just wanted to strangle him...
take care, petal
(Deleted comment)
May. 21st, 2007 08:10 am (UTC)
Pity about the scanner... but i'm sure lots of folk would love to see your pics with Lynnie & James.
Yeah, i got the feeling the man was a total control freak and not a pleasant person... When i had a go at him, he was all nervous twitchy and then all over me like a nasty rash, with the 'my darlings'.... ugh. He still didn't get it right - i should have demanded the money back, i guess but he was so desperate to do SOMETHING for me... i gave up and let him. Wrong....
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