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Posted this on CDS today to rapturous applause...  ho ho ho

"Every time i read about someone being a fan of James and NEVER having gone to see him...well, it still has the power to take my breath away.

Even more amazing are the guys who actually have been living IN or close to where he has been appearing... oh, they are too busy or just can't spare the money.... *shakes head*

i don't understand it and i guess i never will. How can you NOT want to go see him?? If you think you will embarrass yourself, if you get too close? Don't get close... you can watch from a distance.

i know of one lady who has been a mod on one James-centric board - not this one - for YEARS and professes herself a rabid fan but who has NEVER even tried to see him, even when he appeared in her state!!
i gotta ask, what kind of fan/admirer/whatever-you-want-to-call-yourself is that??? i refuse to believe all these people are shrinking violets and to say you can't afford it... Ok, if you don't have the airfares [that can get expensive, along with hotels etc if you are coming from overseas - or east to west coast, though you can get great bargains in the US - but if you are living on the same damn coast? C'mon! you can even go for a day - i have to say, it's gotta be do-able...

No wonder he loves his UK (& European) fans, who turn out in droves to go see him!! [it's a lot easier to come to UK than USA and they make the most of it!]

Personally, i'd crawl over broken glass to see him... i have to wait for him to come here now, as i am out of work - but i still went to see him for Spring Fever & Collectormania11... Yes, some adjustments had to be made but i did it willingly and will do so again - hopefully next year...

i will never understand how anyone can be a 'fan' and not want to go... You say you are a huge fan but don't want to see him?? Sorry, you're not a fan."

Got a multitude of replies from the amusing to the ridiculous and finally took the time to reply - won't be appreciated, i'm sure...but i feel like Spike, i so could not care less...

"What interesting reactions to my post... and so many of them, such riches...

Salchli - "Amen", my dear - Char tells me your Memorial Day is like our Remembrance Day, the day we remember our dead... We have soldiers in many places around the world, do we not and they all need to come home safe.
From your photos with James and meeting you during the Spring Fever Tour & Collectormania, i know just how much you enjoyed it too - see you back here next year!

Let's see... Helcat dismissed me with a bored 'attending cons doesn't make someone a better fan'. No, it doesn't, where did you get that idea? Exotic Mushroom had the same problem. This isn't about who is a better admirer, or a good or bad fan, or even how many Cons you have attended - it isn't a competition. You both appear to have missed the point completely.

Ruadh said 'fans, not fanatics', which i was trying so carefully to avoid - it's a complete misnomer - though we do have to odd one! i am well aware of the difference and that's not it either...

Anonymom calls me 'mean spirited' & 'exclusionary' and says i am 'judgemental' and 'spreading negativity' - don't be shy, girl, say what you really mean... Very Happy which of course, bounces off my thick hide...
aamah says i'm 'harsh', 'unkind' & 'dictatorial' - but that's not either of you passing judgment on me, of course...

Lips of James - thank you for the well-meaning if confusing hug. No, i didn't say you're not a fan if you don't meet him - i said you're not a fan if you don't WANT to meet him... quite a difference, doncha think?

i'm delighted Chrisspike & Jaded Jamie [and many more] enjoyed themselves so much when they finally got to see & meet James; it's a kick, ain't it? i never tire of it, even after 5 years... And it's great seeing the girls again.

MBAngel10 is all about the performance - yes, that makes sense. You are only interested in James as an actor... fine. Do i take it you have never met him?

Lurky - 'less responsibility', for what? do you mean 'accountability'? Living on your own does not make you less responsible, if you don't have to account for your comings & goings. 'Can attend every con' - i wish! My surname is not Rockerfeller or Getty, you know... and i am out of work, being made redundant again last November. Gosh, does that mean - be still, my beating heart! - i can be less responsible now??

Sooner Charmed wants to know why i posted and says 'does being a real fan mean you must go bully others' and 'don't presume to speak for the fans'?? i give up - does it? i can only speak for myself. Speak for anyone else? Goddess only knows why i would even want to. You are all quite capable of doing it yourselves.
Are we still talking about the same thing here? i think you got a little off track and started reading more into my post than was there [or not there, i'm confused now].

If any of you have got to the point where you are bored with his Q&A's, can't be bothered to get on a bus to the next town, don't want to see him in concert (or anything) or even go to sleep during them! [Yes, astonishingly it has actually happened and did so again during the reading of the play at Spring Fever], if any of that is you, why would you even bother to say you are a fan?
i read the posts here and sometime i wonder if this is just somewhere to chat to your mates.. nothing to do with James, could be any chat room...

"Listen carefully, i shall say this only once..." My point is simple - it is nothing to do with Cons, concerts, readings or standing upside down in the shower, yodelling... It is all about WANTING to see JAMES.

p.s. Please don't bother to say i am entitled to my opinion and then abuse me... two-faced and too boring..."

So there you have it - agree, disagree, it's all the same to me.  It is after all, as i keep reminding people, MY opinion.


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May. 29th, 2007 03:45 pm (UTC)
hon, I must tell I'm surprised at the outcome of this "survey". As for me, I can't see the word "fan" and 'pretending to be one yet not wanting to meet the subject of your admiration' as equals. In my point of view, if you consider yourself a fan that also means you're interested in that person more than just watching them on TV, and you'd like to meet them someday. There could be a priority list of the persons and of course you depend on your financial state, but if you really like / love someone - just as I love James -, you yearn to see him close at least once, to check how he behaves in real life, what is he really like, and at last but not at least seize that moment you can finally face him and chat a bit.
Personally, I had spent years with admiring James from this side of the TV and computer, until I decided that no matter how I must see him in real life and meet him eventually. And I can't put into words how happy I was when I stood in front of him in Coventry and he hugged me twice, plus gave me a smirky smile I will never forget.
I try to go to see him as much I'm allowed financially (narrows me down to the UK basicly), yet I think it's not the amount of times of attending cons is that matters the most, but what you have in your heart. If your enthusiastic enough and care for the person, and you can be happy for his successes, then you are a real fan. Simply liking someone, yet not having that vibe, makes you not what I call to be a fan.
Anyone may disagree, it's okay, but nothing can change my point.

Jill, thanks for sharing this.
May. 29th, 2007 04:43 pm (UTC)
Well done, you!
My point exactly, glad you got that, some of the CDSers didn't.
But i say a person is entitled to state their opinion - without everyone jumping down your throat! They have got a little too cosy, i think is all... Very Cliquey!
i don't go there very often as i find them rather boring and they talk about stuff in USA a lot which is even more boring! But all this Q&A versus photos poll they have been doing - i wanted to shake them up and i did. How can they say they find his Q&A's boring and still say they love him and are fans??
*shakes head*
i find MOZ a lot more cosmopolitan and interesting i have to say.
Take care, sweetie
May. 29th, 2007 05:15 pm (UTC)
I'm glad we agree! :) *hugs*
Yeah, I don't post there much, also I get easily lost among the different topics in the general thread - so many not Spike / James /Buffy related stuff. And I can't add anything to that convo. I'm also on the MOZ most. There are tons of topics I don't have time to check regularly as well. :(
Even if he repeated the same answers, I'd attend the Q&As just to see him and breath in the sight...
May. 29th, 2007 06:47 pm (UTC)
I'd climb over broken glass to see him too...I am a bit fanatical though. Feels really good!
May. 29th, 2007 06:56 pm (UTC)
Amen to that! We need passion in our lives, really doesn't matter how but in this case - yum. The fact that our handsome hero is a multi talented, amazing man certainly helps...
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 1st, 2007 08:35 am (UTC)
Re: Long time
love this avi by KazzyCee...

Hi babe!
Really happy to hear from you! i thought of you a lot in London, 'specially at the Union Chapel gig...

i do like poking a hornet's nest sometimes, mea culpa, but i can't stand cosy complacency at any time. "We'll sit back here out of harm's way and watch and judge the world from a safe distance" - that just ain't my style. Get out there, leave your comfort zone and DO SOMETHING!
We all have restrictions and limits on what we can do in our lives but for a brief time, you CAN do what you want to do - without the world's permission or acceptance. You need time for YOU and time to breathe away from your normal life. That is actually the definition of a real holiday, something completely away from what you do every day. Even for a day...
i'll email you soon, dear Duster, i promise...
*kissy, kissy*
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