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The Point, Cardiff 21st July, 2007

There is only just so much a body can take, before you yell and scream and drum your heels on the floor....   i kinda reached that point in Waterloo Station on Friday 20th.
But i digress.... 
i had arranged to go stay with Sue, Friday night and we'd go up to Cardiff in her car on the Saturday morning for James' Cardiff gig, check out the queue outside the Point, say 'Hi' to friends and like that...  then go have a decent lunch, as who knew when or if we'd get dinner.   Depending on weather [and somewhere to park ancient bones], we'd join the queue and take it from there.
So Friday i had things to do before i left and it was Sign-in day too...  But it all went according to plan and i kept an eye on the weather [it had been raining all night] - it totally pissed down when i came out of the Jobcentre - it was half day for the start of the kiddies holidays and people would be going off for the weekend.   i'd booked on the 4.45pm train, but went off early and was able to catch the one before it.
i got as far as Kings Cross underground [now restored to it's rightful place from our incoming line!] and then it started.   The Circle line was closed due to flooding...  ok, can take the Hammersmith to Paddington...  when i can actually get ON the tube!!
Trains jampacked, but got one...
Hiked up the stairs, no escalators - which platform for Chippenham?  Sorry, your line is closed, no more trains tonight - what!!
'Go back to Baker Street, change to Jubilee line to Waterloo' and see what they can do for you....  Stomp back down the friggin stairs and send a garbled text to Suse, 'Don't go to the station, i'll ring' and go back to Baker Street.   Get down to Waterloo and up to the Train station...
Well, it would have been busy anyway but honestly, it looked like an enormous ants' nest had been stirred with a big stick - it was HEAVING with people...   i queued at the Info Desk, no you are at the wrong one - see the clock, go under there....  i queue at the next Info Desk - 'see him' she says, jerking her thumb at colleague...   Him says Exeter train 7.20pm.....  i take a deep breath - it's 6.30pm...   Move away mumbling to self...  nowhere to sit...  Pass a newsstand with late edition papers - with pictures of cars being washed away on the front page...and start  to realise just how wide-spread this nastiness is...
Take myself into the disabled loo & use facilities while i ring Sue, quietest place in the Station!!  i tell her what is happening and she says, ok this is do-able, get off at Westbury and we'll meet you there (it is only 8 miles away).  *heaves sigh of relief*
She had booked us all in for dinner and everything...  *sheds tear*  i was looking forward to that...    She & Alan will eat and then come get me, it will be about 9.30pm...
Need to take tablets, find a seat etc - where??   nowhere...  okay, Burger King - get tiny hamburger [eat it in four bites] but it covers the pills.   i sit there and watch the ants... and the departures board...  my train moves slowly across the board, waiting for a platform number - i get up and go stand closer at 7.05 and five minutes later up comes the number - platform 7.  
There is a surge like the sluices open at Niagara, going for the same train....  i join the surge and we shuffle through the single door bottleneck...   Station guard says first 5 carriages going to Bristol [my part], rest splitting off for Exeter.    i move as fast as i can, but the demented woman is waving her paddle and blowing her whistle and we are still getting onto the train - i take the nearest door and get on...  will have to move down later, if i am not on the right bit...   Just make it.
There are 10 of us jammed into the entrance to one carriage, can't get into the carriage proper...  makes me laugh, it's a First Class carriage...
Nice lass going to Basingstoke gives me her fold-down seat - Thank You - there are only two out here...  We all chat to each other.    That is one of the amazing things about the British - ignore each other 9-5 every day but give them an emergency or a disaster and they not only talk but help each other...  most of them anyway!   You still get the 'I'm all right, Jacks' but not many.
We get to Salisbury and the proposed train split happens - we have extra time here so that people can make sure they are on the right bit - i am...  *breaths sigh of relief*   My Basingstoke lady said i was, little sweetie...  *Waves*  Hope you got home ok.

A lot of the train get off here too and we only have a couple of more stops before Westbury.  i spend it talking to a Polish couple who live there...and we talk about University towns.   Finally it is our turn and i am pleased it has passed so painlessly and thanks to my travelling companions, pleasantly.

i get out, looking for Sue...   i see her and wave my stick until she sees me and she hoofs it down to greet me.  Alan her husband is laughing at us for displaying affection as we have a big hug, so he gets one too and we all laugh...  it is damn nice to see them.   Into the car, talking 10 to the dozen and get home in jig time.   Susie, the little darling, has some fried rice warming in the oven and i try not to drool...  yum.    i am made so welcome, plied with wine [delicious!], fragrant food, more wine and laughter, before falling into a comfy bed...  What more could you ask for??    *Don't say it!*

We get up in decent time and check out the weather and news on the computer, drastic things are happening all over the country.   We get washed and ready and say goodbye to Alan & Jo.  
We have a good drive up to the Severn Bridge and the light shines on the wires making it look like sails above the bridge, very 3D and surreal, quite an illusion... and an expensive one, £5.10  bloody hell...  Car in front of us picks the cash drop lane, finds they don't have enough change and she has to hop out and get change from the attended lane next to us...  Sue had the change all ready for it before we left the house.
Good drive into Cardiff and the instructions work like a charm.   We pause for Services just as we turn off - i wonder why the little boy is staring at me, then remember i have my tattoos on...  i give him a grin...
We have no trouble finding Mount Stuart Square - odd square with a load of buildings in the middle of it...  but there is the queue [small as yet] and the Point.   We drive around and look at parking - one short term carpark wants to charge us £9 for the damn day!   We come back to MSS and park round the corner [Sue moves it a couple of times and it is fine].
We go and greet friends in the queue...  There is Jean, looking good in her shiny Walmart shoes, Buffymon, Lou & Dawn, Fangy Angel later and the rest.    We go across to the Bute pub for lunch, joining Chrisuk & her friend Linda.   Jude and Mary appear not long after and time passes agreeably.   We swap travelling stories and wonder how many of our friends will not be with us.  Lynnie rings and i take the phone from Mary, she tells me Chrisspike, Caliente & her daughter are just two of the casualties of flooding, who will not be coming.  i pass it to Chris and we eventually all return outside.
We spend the rest of the afternoon dodging the rain - i alternate between talking to people in the queue and sitting in Susie's car, which she brings round.   Super...
Lisa & co arrive with Himber and wait for the Point personnel to let them in, which they do eventually.   i move across the street and take pictures of the queue and Lisa comes outside again, clutching clipboard...  Mmmm, James must be on his way - it is about 4.30pm by then and sure enough, first Dan Akio arrives and we cheer him.   Then a black SUV arrives and Patricia gets out and James gets his gear out of the back.   Lisa escorts them to the door and James smiles and waves and calls to the crowd, before disappearing inside.   We hear sounds of the sound-check not long after.   i take a break at the pub and miss Gareth DL arriving.   The queue has grown somewhat but it is nowhere near what it could be;  i wonder just how many are coming and hear that 400 tickets were sold...  We'd be lucky if 200 were there, the way we were going...
We keep dodging the rain until about half six and a couple of wheelchairs arrive and we are show into the Point.   The wheelchairs are allowed right up to the front of the stage - the chairs are away to the left of the area...  Silver Jamie & i want to bring two over - NO, we are NOT allowed to and cannot sit behind the 'chairs... We must sit the other side of the access to the Gents... Hi Deb.   Two people ARE allowed to block the access a little later, a disabled man and his very un-disabled companion [who could have sat on the wall seat with him next to us... there was no need for chairs]
i am a little disgruntled at being shunted over here... and know two things, one, my pictures will be shit and two, James will not be able to see us.   i think he heard me a couple of times though...  lol   i hope so as i wanted him to know at least some of the Regulars were there.    He could see Kath, Chris, Jude & Mary and the CDS's grouped round one of the pillars....
Himber & Marianne were on the merchandise table at the back and i went across to see what, if anything was new... nothing but he will bring some new stuff next time.  i was astonished when he called me by name and Jean, who came over and gave him a hug...  i laughed and said, i didn't get a hug! and Himber got up and came round and gave me one, to my further surprise!!
It took a while to get going but eventually Himber came out and made the usual announcements and urged us to greet Dan Akio...  we did.    i have to admit i'm not really a fan but i wish him well - i called out asking if he had brought CDs for us and he told us he has now got a recording contract and will have one out beginning of next year??  He's been told not so many sad songs please and less 'country' ??  i don't think he is country at all....   But sorry, CDs not with him - he doesn't know why but there it is.   i had a word with him after the contract and he was very amiable.
We saw Gareth walking around the hall and i shook his hand and said 'Welcome' and took a photo of him later, which came out fine.   i am told most of the 'Torchwood' people were there but the only other one i saw was Yoshiko Mori, who plays 'Yoshi' - i shook her hand too [on the way out].    Didn't see Burn Gorman at all...  John Barrowman was filming we were told and couldn't be there.
Apparently James was on the VIP balcony at the back when Dan was on, but i wasn't really looking...   There was a 15 minute break and then James came on, about 8.30pm.    There was a disco scheduled for later in the evening... so we had to be out by 10pm. 
James looked wonderful in a dark tank top & jeans, sleek muscley arms, gorgeous...  His hair was smoothed down and he looked wonderful.   He was in good spirits and took the problems with equipment in his stride, until he got a shock off the strings and the sound guys galloped up onto the stage to sort it out.   Problems solved?  the amp switch banged and again and it was also sorted!   James talked to us and made jokes, then started the set with 'Louise' - who wasn't there this time.
It wasn't the Best concert but it was mighty fine and i wasn't complaining as he sang all my favourites - White Hot Girls, Don't worry Son, Truth is etc - i called some encouragement to him then like i did at the Union Chapel...   It was hot and James said we were either very hot or the heating was on.   Sweat flew off him towards the end and he threw water over the crowd.   i immediately thought of Chris' camera and hoped it hadn't got wet!!  Our one major shutterbug!!  It didn't affect her pictures though, thank heavens.

Pause for dinner....


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Jul. 25th, 2007 05:07 pm (UTC)
Hi Lovejames

Glad you enjoyed the gig despite the travel chaos. The audience were arriving dribs and drabs throughout the event and a few poor souls only made it in time for the encores so it's good that you managed to get there at a decent time despite everything.
It was sad that so many of the regulars couldn't get to this one but the bonus is that there was a decent crowd of locals and Torchwood fans who seem to have had fun and may be tempted to join the Marsters fans at future events.

Hope your trip home was smoother .
Jul. 25th, 2007 11:01 pm (UTC)
yeah, it was sad so many missed the concert but what there was, was choice...and people who REALLY wanted to be there. Nice that locals and not 'regular' James fans were there - the only down side is what annoys you as much as me - the Talkers... they make me twitchy, i just wanna hit them.
By the end of the concert, the two kiddies behind me, were a step away from murder... and i had to ask them to shut up for the last song.
Gratifying silence for Baby Blue...
i was lucky with the trains going home and not hugely delayed going into London.
It was good, wasn't it?? Glad your little car got you home too...
Jul. 26th, 2007 07:00 am (UTC)
I really REALLY dislike chatterboxes during gigs , it's my pet peeve .

And yes, my little car got us home safely , bless her

let's hope that if the October thing James mentioned happens that the weather is kinder
Jul. 25th, 2007 08:30 pm (UTC)
Honey, I came to think about I should join in the fun again, too. Could you send me an email next time you go see James in concert? I might join you, if you don´t mind.
Jul. 25th, 2007 11:03 pm (UTC)
Hey baby! nice to hear from you!
i will be delighted to let you know and even more delighted if you came too... can never be enough friends enjoying something good together!

*waves happily*
Jul. 26th, 2007 12:08 pm (UTC)
Hey, for the small chance that he is coming to Germany again, I will be more than happy to accomodate you!!! Seriously, let me know what´s going on, and I will make up my mind if I join you!
Jul. 26th, 2007 01:22 am (UTC)
I have been waiting for your report and hoping that you had not floated away. Glad to hear that so many of the UK folks were able to make it to the gig.

Jul. 26th, 2007 06:38 am (UTC)
No, still here, petal! Just taken me a while, getting all the pictures trimmed and so on... Had to wait till Monday to get the actual film developed too, then scanned in & trimmed again.

And RL steps in and i have been...sorta busy - i have a second interview for a job this afternoon - which could be interesting... keep your fingers crossed.

It was horrifying to see the dribs & drabs of people coming into the concert, missing a lot of it due to the floods... but determined to get there anyway. i'm thinking there were quite a few locals & Torchwood fans? that swelled the numbers, as i have never seen such a small queue for a James concert.

i'm just about to do the second half of my report, so bear with me!

Lovely to hear from you
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