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The Point, Cardiff - Part Two

James announced two special friends were coming to join him onstage, 'After this song' and I think speculation was rife..   But it wasn't John Barrowman, it was Gareth David-Lloyd and Dan Akio.   Gareth sang 'Roadhouse Blues', the old Doors classic and did a respectable job of it too.   James & Dan backed him and looked like they were having a lot of fun doing it, even if Dan wasn't too familiar with the chords.   He got a rousing round of applause and looked well pleased.   It was only the one and James got on and sang some more.

I think he got a bit confused with the time as he seemed to think he was almost done but got the high sign that he could sing some more.   And he did… dripping sweat still.

He looked happy and sang two new songs, a love song and I have no recollection of the other, my bad…  I have to hear it a couple of times before it penetrates, from a live performance.   He smiled up at Patricia a couple of times and sang her song.   I was annoyed to hear several people say loudly, 'oh no, not that one, I hate it'…  Sorry to hear that and thank you for sharing that with us, but leave the frikkin' man ALONE!!   You are not bound to like every song he is going to write…  I don't like every song written by David Bowie but he writes some fabulous ones in amongst the self indulgence.

He did his 'go off & come back' bit, dying for a drink and it was handed to him when he came back on, his vodka soda – which he proceeded to down in one go! 

I was delighted to hear him talk to the crowd a bit more, he does need to do that as we love it so…  and his comments on 'Baby Blue' were touching, how his kids start yawning on the second verse and drop off quickly…  'Pick a song when they are young and stick with it, it works' – bless…   It doesn't make me sleepy but I love it.   I am hoping it gets to go on the new CD as the last track, like a gig…

And far too quickly, it was over…   and he'd gone.

We had said we'd go for a drink after the concert and I asked Sue to collar Lisa, our new chum, as I was sure she didn't know where we were.   When the crowd thinned out a bit we left, looking for the others who'd expressed an interest too.

There was the usual 'what do you want to do, Ralph?' song and dance – and I really can't be doing with that any more…  if you don't want to come, SAY SO!   We set off to go to a local pub on Lou & Dawn's recommendation, following them – but by the time we reached the traffic lights, they were nowhere to be seen.   We followed their instructions and found the pub but a walk through looking for them produced zilch.   There was really only room for a couple here and there and nothing for a group, so we decided to walk further on and see if we could see them.   We never did see them tho.  Problem then, what do we do?  Can't leave a message for the guys coming on behind us, if & when they wanted to come…  Had to abandon the get-together idea and find somewhere else to have a drink – I didn't fancy trying to talk over the boxing on the TV in there anyway…

Nicky & Erykah, Lisa, Sue & myself were not exactly familiar with Cardiff and had no idea what was where, so it was nice to see Kath and her friends walk up behind us.   We followed her but it became apparent she was walking in circles…literally.   We had seen a Tapas bar close by and there were lots of seats there, so I suggested we try there and they agreed – I told Kath but I think the James Fog was so pronounced, it just kinda bounced off!!   They wandered away anyhow and that was the last we saw of them.

The Tapas had stopped serving food, but we only really wanted a drink, so that was fine.  We got a nice table and I got a round in…  We had some laughs and I enjoyed your company very much, guys, thanks a bunch!   

Sue wasn't drinking of course and come 11pm, we had to make our goodbyes to drive home.  We took some photos and I had one last one on my photo card, which came out well!   Erykah took one of Lisa & me, that I don't mind too much!  and hopefully will please Lisa…

We hoofed it back to the car, at the Point and Sue got us out of Cardiff in jig-time, a terrific driver this lady!   We had a good smooth drive home with no problems,  nattering away about the day…   It put me in mind of driving back from Coventry, on the Live in Five Tour…

We did see a lot of flooding in fields etc and when we were almost back home, one of the local roads was underwater.   A careful slow drive got us through but Sue said the next day, from what she could see of the road closures, we must have been about the last to come through that way….

We had a coffee and rolled into bed…  long tiring day.   I was a bit concerned about getting home the next day but I'd worry about that when I got up!

Problem with waking up early, not in your own bed, you sometimes stay awake.  I gave up, thinking it was 7.30am but it was actually a hour earlier!  oh, bitch it!  I'm awake now!    So repacked my bags and crept downstairs to check the weather and roads on the computer…   I could see lots of horror stories about what was happening around the country but nothing about local railway line closures in our area, I thought – need to ring train company and check.

Sue appeared, checking I was okay and I told her the story…  I rang the Trains and he said as far as he could see, the line was open again and trains running normally.   Which wasn't exactly true but they were running.   I didn't know what the full story was on the tubes and couldn't find any information on them online…  Sue suggested she could get me to the station earlier and try getting on an earlier train as I had done in Cambridge – and I decided to try.   We got there in plenty of time and the station man didn't have a problem with the plan but the train guard had other ideas… oh I could get on the train if I wanted but I would have to pay an extra £20.00!!!   That was more than half my total ticket to Cambridge, greedy bugger…  So no! I'll wait.

Cold wind on the platform and the café was closed, so I sent Sue home to have a hot drink.   I would catch the next train, if possible, in half an hour or so…

Thank you, love.   I enjoyed it immensely.

Well, there were a load of kids waiting to go in the opposite direction, to Weston Super Mare – some beach party thing – and a lot of problems with trains there.  Sounded like feeding time at the Aviary!!  They did eventually all get on a train and peace descended!  My next train was cancelled, however, and I wound up getting on the train I was booked for but 20 minutes late…

Slow run into London, with some delays on the way but eventually got into Paddington.   I took the tube to Liverpool Street, collecting a lady who got a bit lost, on the way and didn't have a lot of time to spare but enough, as the Cambridge train was standing in at Platform 2 when I arrived.

This was the fastest part of my journey, even on the 'slow' train and I got the bus home.   It was slow on Sunday but cheap and I stumbled in about an hour later.

So that was that, all I had to do then was sort out the emails that had accumulated since Friday!!  Damn, there were heaps…  LOL  but I'm not really complaining…

There were equally horrifying tales of people trying to get home, through road closures, lack of electricity and cut-off villages in the Midlands…  We have escaped in Cambridge, so far and hopefully will continue to do so…  I am not near the river and it would have to be a flood of Biblical proportions to do damage here, I think.   But I feel for the unfortunates I see on TV…

Thank you, JMLive, Himber, Dan, Gareth and James Marsters.   Love you, man, you're the best…   Do come back soon…

link to photos 


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Jul. 31st, 2007 07:15 am (UTC)
Hey Jill!
I thoroughly enjoyed our night out and I have a copy of the photo. Have to say its a great one! I look forward to seeing you at the next gig or con.I won't forget Cardiff in a hurry and I bet there's a few people there that won't forget me either. See you soon honey and take care x
Aug. 1st, 2007 07:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Cardiff
Hey sweetie!
i'm really glad you enjoyed yourself so much and know that James' fans are a friendly bunch... We truly are a sisterhood of like minds - even the guys! *snorts*
We will meet again and i look foward to it!
Take care, xxx
Aug. 25th, 2007 03:50 am (UTC)
Re: Cardiff
Hi honey!
Hope this finds you well and fit. Will you be coming to the James Marsters gig that is in November, back in Cardiff again, lets hope that we can meet up again. I had the best time and hope that the next weekend there is even better!
I really hope to see you there, with the rest of the gang
Take care
Lisa x
Aug. 25th, 2007 09:00 am (UTC)
Re: Cardiff
Hey babe
i'm okay but yes, i will be there will bells on - baring acts of gods, pestilence, oh who am i kidding??? i'd walk there!!
Just waiting to see if me mate is up to having me over again, otherwise i will need to train to Cardiff.
i'll see you there!
love, xx
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