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There's this line in the Kinks' 'Lola'....

that says it's a mixed up, tricked up, fucked up world, except for Lola....   yeah, know that feeling...

It's been a while... but i'm still here...  every week it is more of the same, stop-start, stop-start and 'whoa' to 'go'.

Getting my own fridge has made my day more comfortable and access to cool drinks, always the good...   even better, making a space for it, forced me to re-arrange my room and it is pushing me to do more sorting of the stuff i still have sitting in boxes here... slow but necessary.  
So i am doing a bit of that and just kinda putting it off, 'cos i don't want to throw more stuff out but i know i'm going to have to, i just don't have the room or the use for it anymore - which kinda burns my ass...  The problem is on the one hand, i have items that i will probably never use but on the other, they are part of my life and like the beer stein that belonged to my father, i don't WANT to throw out.   i saw him drink out of it too many times to want to part with it.   There are a lot of things i can throw out - a Pyrex casserole set, fancy glasses - stuff like that and yeah, my Ma cooked with them and we drank out of the glasses...  *shrugs*   i don't care about most of it - i might try and sell the Champagne glasses with the old hollow stems, they could be vintage by now...  i remember them in Malaya, that's what? Fifties...  wonder if i have the full set...   i have got rid of so much glassware - Victorian moulded glass, even Stuart crystal [i did keep the odd one] but nobody wants it.  Couldn't give it away...

Anyway, it is the usual routine of job searching, applications and the occasional interview...  i confess i don't really WANT some of them and have occasionally feel a guilty relief i didn't get the job...  But there are one or two that would suit me just nicely.   Either way it still hasn't happened yet...  i went to one on Monday, in the Science Park [a good ten minute walk for me, ugh, although the money sounds okay] - job sounds right up my alley but will they think i am 'right' for their little 'family'??  It is always a guess, guys... no matter how carefully you try to select someone - they may still not be the 'right' one.   You have to try because you do spend a major part of your life with them but i can live with not being close buddies - it's a damn job, people and the bottom line is am i good for the company?   i'm not auditioning for a play or to be your next best friend...

Went to the dentist for check-up.  Asked him to look at crowning one of the remaining teeth i can still chew on... He took an X-ray and i go back on the 20th to find out if we need a root canal - i don't care, i won't feel it.   i have injections for everything or i jump off the ceiling every time he touches my teeth...  Something jolly to look forward to...
i so needed to have my hair cut, when i saw a hairdresser next door to the dentist, not a lot of activity, it seemed like it was meant to be.  i went in to see if they could do me a cut straight away.   Lady called Lorraine, yes, she had time before her next appointment.   A more mature lady and i liked her straight away - i was half-way to the chair before i remembered to ask how much!!   Almost £30 - too much and i halted in my tracks, saying 'oooh, that's a bit more than i wanted to pay' and glanced at my watch.   It works every time, that watch bit...  even though i had nothing else to do yesterday.   Anyway she said, "How about £25?" and i thought, 'Sod it' and agreed.    She took her time and it was immediately apparent she knew how to cut hair...  She made a nice job of it and it should grow out well...   We talked about experience... 
i walked back into town, slowly... sore ankle...and knee...
Got all the way up there to find they had closed the toilets in the LionYard...  Wonder where they all go to pee now...
Had a seat and watched the world go by, next to the market - do you know it is a permanent market, Tuesday to Saturday??  Only one i know...   Had my camera with me and took a couple of shots...  It is never empty but busiest on Saturday. 
There was a guy filming, professional looking rig, but all by himself...  dunno what he was filming...

Then went to one of my cafes, Ta Bouche and had a diet coke, and a pee.  They had all the doors open, nice...

i am still nipping up and down showing rooms to prospective tenants - and i think we have worked the oracle...  i have people who want two of the three rooms we currently have available.   They only want the rooms for six months, both of them, scholastic reason one for certain, not sure about the other...  And the last room in 46 !  Hooray!  Landlord is away on holiday at the moment and the girl in the office isn't exactly on the ball, so it has not been easy...  She is very slow to read the emails i send her and doesn't read them properly.  She has sent the wrong client to the wrong house, wasted their time and mine...  Got the rooms mixed up the two other houses...  She has even sent me emails, forwarded from prospective clients that she hasn't read either...  then missed one who wanted a room!    And later the same day, asked me to show that same room to someone else on Saturday!   Silly bint...    At least this will give us a six month respite and only one room left to let...  a single, in the house closest to me and accessible by bus.  *Sighs with relief*
Walking up and down that road has been increasingly painful as my Achilles tendon in my right ankle is playing up.   i'm going to the doctor tomorrow morning to see what i can do to make it better faster.   Not had that problem before but it has had quite a work out recently...

Then i have another interview early afternoon, yet another at Addenbrookes [the main and major Hospital here] - Neurosciences this time...  let's hope they don't want to know how many files i could carry - seriously... one woman was concerned i couldn't carry 20 thick hospital files...  that wasn't in the job description, lady...   This was for Clinical Coding!
*shakes head in disbelief*    Being 25 and able to trot up and down the corridors was necessary??  [the ones i saw pushing trolleys were not said clerks or under 40, any of them..] but if you are looking for a hook to not employ someone...  any thing will do, right?

Poor landlord, gone on a family thing to India...  right in the monsoon season...  'mozzies as big as bats', he moaned - i restrained myself from giggling and made sympathetic noises...  *giggles at memory*   He hadn't arranged this, of course, and would be juggling two kids and the new baby...   *Wot you think i'm going to be sympathetic??  You would join!!*
i'd be picking tiny bones out of my teeth for weeks...   *snorts*

Ulla has been posting a James-a-Day photo - all knicker-dropping gorgeous...  i never fail to get caught up in looking at him.  There is such a mixture to this man, of vulnerability, strength, sheer magnetism, animal vitality and sex on two legs - he is  a mature man with touches of the child still, needing approval, seeking warmth, love & support.  Mix that with a man's arrogance, a tough street knowledge and steely determination to succeed at what he does and i defy any woman not to respond in some way - even that unthinking 'what nice eyes he has', that most say in instant response to a picture.
i wonder sometimes if i will ever become immune to him??  and seriously doubt it.

Well, Friday coming around again...     i'll let you know how the jobs went... usually away from me??!!   *wot a wit!*

Oh, nearly forgot - 'Shadow Puppets' arrived... will watch it probably tomorrow...  yum!!


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Aug. 9th, 2007 11:43 pm (UTC)
I think I know how you feel? I have to have 'Twilight Sleep' just for a Teeth Clean. :D
I felt very guilty watching SP ON Youtube. Well!! What do they expect if they won't issue a DVD for the British Market!!!
Aug. 11th, 2007 12:01 pm (UTC)
Haven't come across Twilight Sleep yet... and i can clean my teeth quite nicely without them doing it AND charging like a wounded bull for it...

i really don't have a problem with DVDs as my player is a multiple one... so i order with impunity. Just received 'Shadow Puppets' and watched it yesterday.
James was great and yes, he is definitely wearing something under the bvds, maybe a sock again... Lovely bulge... *sighs*
His description of a 'short rough shoot' just about covers it... WHEN will one of these producer/directors give him a DECENT part!!! El Weadon's writers cannot be the only ones who can write a good role.
You don't expect these slasher movies to be Shakespeare but they are so predictable, with holes in it you could drive a mac truck through...
Aug. 10th, 2007 06:34 am (UTC)
Sounds like you should be the 'girl in the office' for the landlord at this rate!!
Aug. 11th, 2007 12:04 pm (UTC)
i certainly couldn't do any worse!! But the office is in Harrow, so no-go there. We were ok when i realised that she was unreliable and not that bright! Can't wait for landlord to come back...
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