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Another manic Monday....

quiet on the phones but damn busy with the work - mind you, the boss was back today after a week off... we had kept up with the urgent stuff and all he had to do was the scraps and like that... but at ten past four, he had a report to do for our up-line boss [that little turd, he creates enough paperwork to deforest the UK county by county during a year] and it had to go before 5pm. i made it of course, even if i did have to email it off [this involves shoving the Uberbitch off her computer to use it, cause we minions aren't email empowered are we...] - well, i guess it gets you through the day... oh gad, i just remembered! i typed 'cumputer' instead of computer in another email! shows you where my mind goes, huh?!! what a clutz, i only saw it when i printed it off!! *blush*

not sleeping too well at present, never do on Sunday night either with work the next day but last night was fragmentary to say the least. My back and hips ache still and it has taken a while to get over the pulled muscles and nipped nerves i had in San Francisco.. lots of ibuprofen and lying down... can i do that with James, please? i'll be good....

it is so strange to think it is two weeks since i was in Oakland, talking face to face with my darlins' Char and Vicki - Vic is still there travelling round the US [hope you are enjoying the hell out of it too] - hang about, must put my slippers on, feet are cold... and a large cup of coffee is in order, i think...
i bought a large dark blue mug with Ghiradelle's chocolates in it down at the Fisherman's Wharf shop [gave the chocs to me colleagues when i got back, they had no trouble snarfing the lot! the Uberbitch actually bullied one of the lads into giving her the chocolate he'd chosen - 'oh they're the only ones i like!' having watched her put two kinds away already..]- if the truth be known i spent too much there, on the fruit flavoured chocolates with the fruit inside, blueberries, cherries and some wonderful dark chocolate covered toasted almonds. i still have 2/3 of a tube of the remains of all three left, amazingly enough. i guess i know that when i have finished them, there will be no more.. *sigh* just as well, the cherry ones are to die for...

i would love to see the Mobsters again - dear feisty Spicy & Sami, the wonderfully talented girls Evenstar, Shopgirl, Char - who paint, make lovely things and superb jewellery - my marvellous Vicki, truly a ripe plum of the delicious sort and what a terrific sense of humour and fun.... the Harem girls, bless you all for being such a gloriously rowdy lot and for enjoying yourselves well... Embers, sweet lady and generous with a core of pure steel [some photos on their way] - the next great photographer in LA, my Irish Kat [can't wait to see your pics, pet], hope you are feeling better under starcare... April, Weeza and so many more - to my shame i can't remember the little sweetie who was sitting next to Jen [damn girl, you dress up well!] and Sami on Thursday night - talk to me, baby! you're such a pretty girl and photograph like a dream - unlike myself, looking like an old whaling ship, without the graceful lines! i never have photographed well - can't all be like his Gloriousness can we? if i have not named you, it is not because i have forgotten you.....

i have just read the latest chapter in the 'Frost' series, gulp... nice... but i'm such a spoilt bitch, i think it could have been.. more of it, i guess? i guess i should write my own.
i did do some XXX limericks and i am half way through writting another as we speak oddly enough - i am missing the last line.. the middle rhyming lines are quite often the ones that cum, i mean, come first!
you find yourself muttering words to rhyme, sock, hock, knock, frock, Spock [no, that's too silly!], clock, shock *never knew there were that many* - Glock, dock, jock, mock.... enough!
let me see... mmm "Spike came to ask Buffy to dance,
but as usual she's short on romance..
she ran her nails down his cock,
he was hard as a rock"
no last line yet - see what i mean... perhaps i should throw it open to suggestions?

yes, i have tried my hand at fanfic - not Spuffy though... one story was written for a specific lady [who seemed to like it well enough but i got the feeling i could have done better - i thought it wasn't too bad for a first effort personally, but what do i know?] - tried it out on another friend, who loved it - so you can never tell...
i should write down my daydreams, damn if they aren't hot enough to be fanfic! but there would be no disguising the central character... *you don't get any prizes for guessing!*
i must go to bed, it is after midnight...
take care, luvs
[kissy, kissy]


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Sep. 13th, 2004 06:56 pm (UTC)
And off he went with his pants!

Hows that for a last line?
Hmmmm can see it now...
I know, it's not dirty enough for ya...
I'll keep thinking, maybe something better will come up (no pun intended).
Sep. 26th, 2004 10:53 am (UTC)
mmm, not bad - maybe
"and he came off with his pants" - still working on that one!
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