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Sunday 26th September, 2004

Can't believe it is four weeks since i returned from Oakland and four weeks and four days to Halloween - half way from one James moment to the next...   Bring It On!!

So what have i done since i posted last?  certainly nothing of earth-shattering importance but every minute of my life is precious to me, if nobody else!  and certainly not to UberBitch...

so my darlings, here i am again....  looking in my filofax - items of note UberBitch was off sick last Monday, so a good day was had by all - laughter and some joking, yeah...  a good day.   On the downside, Char not liking the chemo poisons much, who would?  but she's hanging in there, if a little grimly at times....   keep on, sweetie, i look forward to our wheelchair races when we are REALLY ancient and growing old disgracefully together!!

i was Comrade Bingo Caller for another tour group on the Wednesday - hey, don't laugh!  i get paid £40 for this and it amuses them for a couple of hours, so WTF, right?   i did find my mind wandering as i scooped up the little yellow balls and fed them back into the Bingo ball...  daydreaming about a certain delicious Friend of our Mutual Acquaintance, as i tore the leather duster from his shoulders, licking my way up his neck and feathering soft kisses along his jawline.....  "ok, everybody ready for the next Game?!!"

We had our Autumn Wedding Fair at the Hotel [they insist on saying Fayre, like it's clever - it's not] on the next night from 1800 to 2000 [wrong time on letters, shoulda been 2030] and UB had arranged for sandwiches and chips at 1730 downstairs...  no time to go home or change, even for me...  [i didn't actually get something to eat until 1745 as UB did not take her keys with her and i was ordered to stay (woof!) until she got back into the office... ] so ten minutes to wolf down some sandwiches etc, then the people started to arrive...   

i was to do the Welcome thingey with the microphone again, just before the Fashion Show at 1900, and i checked with the two Wedding outfitters on their requirements - got the description of Paul's outfit from Andy, nice [Paul works in Reservations, nice lad - got a bottle of wine for his trouble] and as usual, Julia couldn't be bothered to do descriptions of the dresses so nothing from her.  She is a really twat as  a description of the gowns would be helpful but all i was given were the models' names.  So that is all i could announce, "We have two exhibitors this evening, blah, blah, blah and the models are blah, blah and blah".

It duly got underway roughly on time and as soon as i had welcomed the guests to the Wedding Fair [i said Spring instead of Autumn! been typing Spring all afternoon!] - i started to announce the Exhibitors and as i said Paul's name, he came through the curtain, down the steps and onto the catwalk - as we had agreed earlier.  i said my piece about what he was wearing and by whom, etc and then parked my ass at the edge of the stage until the girls had done their thing [Paul helped them up and down the stairs] and then thanked the Exhibitors, told the audience who had done the flowers and that basically was it.  i spent the last hour on the door at the Registration desk, handing out folders and lists of the Exhibitors.   We had a fair turnout but we need to find a way to get more advertising done and more people in there...  a real re-think is needed here.

Friday morning, i had arranged for my washing machine and dryer to be delivered as i had arranged to sell them to the Hotel [with the dishwasher, bought privately by a member of staff] and they came and i got paid.  Dashed into town to deposit the cash at lunchtime - that will ease my overdraft a bit...  i am working on getting the second storage container emptied to save some money...  some furniture will go to the Auctions and that should do it.   Still need to do that bit but Soon....  just waiting on a valuation of a glass/teak cupboard, so i can work out which Auctions to send them to.   Time is.....

i spent some of today telephoning travel arrangements for Char at Halloween and i think i have got it covered now.   Susie will meet her and i have covered the return trip - that should do it...   now all we need is the Queen of Alaska!!  and James....    Amy, Juliet, Jane - ok, and the Coatrack.... 

what an exciting life i lead....   *you're laughing again...!*

Kissy, kissy